WATCH: ‘SI’ Swimsuit Model Camille Kostek and Boyfriend Rob Gronkowski Play Hilarious ‘Couples Quiz’ in New Clip

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Throughout his career, Rob Gronkowski has been a jokester. That has not stopped since he started dating Camille Kostek. The two were recently featured on a GQ Sports segment. Reminiscent of the Newlywed Game, each took turns asking each other questions. First date, first kiss, and other relationship-related questions.

Over on her Instagram page, Kostek shared a clip from the GQ spot. “Clearly didn’t think Rob was paying as much attention to detail as he does with the amount of shock I have throughout this clip,” the post read. Once Kostek stops laughing in the video, Gronk rattles off quality answers. How many boyfriends and husbands out there can do as well?

As the video starts, Rob Gronkowski is saying, “So I like asking questions while you’re laughing from the previous question.” To which Kostek replies, “You know I think fart noises are funny,” as she wipes away a tear. While we don’t know what preceded that, it’s safe to say it was fart-related.

Then, the questions started coming. “What was my first job ever?” Kostek asked her boyfriend. After stumbling around with “waitress” he ended up on the right answer, “clothing store.” After that, the couple went through the usual, “Where and when was our first kiss?” “What is my favorite movie?” To his credit, Gronk nailed the questions. First kiss, his house. Her favorite movie, Parent Trap.

Fans will have to go over to the GQ YouTube page in order to watch the full video and see all the questions and answers the two had to offer.

Rob Gronkowski and Camile Kostek Keep it Real

The GQ video is just another example of the couple making headlines for their silliness and antics. Of course, everyone knows Rob Gronkowski for his bro-ish attitude and demeanor. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model does a good job matching his energy.

When Gronk isn’t winning Super Bowls, he can be seen doing various media hits. He has appeared in the WWE and made a name as one of the wildest guys in the NFL. Earlier this year he appeared on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke to sing along with the late-night host. Really, there isn’t much that he can’t do when it comes to athletics and comedy. The fact he hasn’t been on Saturday Night Live yet is quite a shock.

However, it is always fun to see Gronkowski and Kostek together. Whether she is posting photos and videos on Instagram or they are playing a couples quiz, the two have great chemistry. It must take a special person to keep Gronk under control. His wild antics and personality have been well documented. But, the two are a genuinely good couple and look to really enjoy being together.