WATCH: Team USA Curler John Shuster Tells His Kids He Was Named Olympic Flag Bearer

by Jonathan Howard

The Olympics is one of those events that has so many special moments throughout. John Shuster for Team USA had big news for his family.

Shuster, a member of Team USA’s men’s curling team, had the honor of being the flag bearer at the opening ceremonies in Beijing. There are only two people picked among the various Olympians. One man and one woman.

Team USA Curling released a video of the team telling Shuster the big news. After he found out about it himself, he got to call his family and tell them the big news. He has a wife and two boys back home. His family was taken aback and you can tell they are just so proud of John.

Check out the video below and see it for yourself. You might want to break out the tissues. What a way to make a once-in-a-lifetime moment an even more rare and grand occasion.

“My heart is beating super fast… like I said to everybody in there and like I told you guys before too, it’s a tremendous honor,” Shuster says in the video.

When he tells his wife and kids, they are almost all overcome with joy and emotion. It looks like his wife about broke into tears. It is quite an honor to lead one’s team at the Olympics. “That’s so cool!” one of his kids exclaimed at the end of the clip. Yes, yes it is.

This is a special calendar year. Last year, the postponed Tokyo Olympics went through with the Games and there was a lot of drama and action. Now, instead of a break of about a year and a half, we have the Winter edition of the Games almost right after. Let’s go, Team USA!

Get Pumped Up for Team USA with Dwayne Johnson

In case that John Shuster video didn’t pull at your emotions and heartstrings, Dwayne Johnson is going to get you pumped for the games and to cheer on Team USA. As the world’s most electrifying man in sports entertainment, Johnson knows how to rally the troops.

“Our athletes representing Team USA at this year’s Winter Olympics are some of the most talented and determined men and women in the world,” Johnson said of the competitors. “They have dedicated their lives to their sport. Pushing through injuries and personal setbacks, training through the toughest of conditions, to rise up and join the elite who have the opportunity to represent their country in the most iconic competition in the world.”

Now, that’s how you talk about the damn Olympics! It’s such a unique and special event. Whether it is the track in the summer or snowboarding in the winter. Team USA is going to deliver just like Johnson delivered on that little pep talk.