Watch: Ted Nugent Performs ‘Fred Bear’ and National Anthem at Donald Trump Rallies

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Ted Nugent is using his rock star status to show support of another four years of President Donald Trump’s “Making America Great Again.

President Trump’s supporters are treated to a Ted Nugent conservative concert experience with performances, including the National Anthem and ‘Fred Bear’.

Unwavering Support

Ted Nugent is outspoken on his support of President Donald Trump. He’s hopping on the Trump campaign in the hopes of inspiring voters to reelect the current president.

On Saturday, the Trump campaign visited Williams Gun Sight Company in Davison, Michigan. Trump Jr. and Nugent joined forces to speak to the dozens of spectators on the current and future successes in a Trump-led America.

MAGA Performances

“It’s real Michigan. Shit-kicker Michigan, back-strap Michigan, hell-raising Michigan, ‘We the People’ Michigan. I love you madly. Do you feel the love?,” said Nugent before beginning to play.

In the video, an odd introduction is given in regards to piling dead goats in the back of a truck following a bow hunting excursion”. Nugent is on the board for the gun right group, the National Rifle Association (NRA).

“I’m so proud to be here today,” Nugent continued. “I was born in Detroit in 1948 when it was the arsenal of democracy, and here we are at Williams Gun Sights, and it’s the arsenal of democracy. Let’s hear it for the arsenal.”

Public Reactions

Twitter is filling with posts of reactions from users, both positive and negative, regarding Nugent’s unapologetic support and admiration of Trump.

Others are cheering the musician on for using his platform to voice a pro-Trump agenda, and he encourages citizens to vote for Trump while keeping supporters’ spirits high. In one video of a Trump rally in Pennsylvania, Nugent’s music is playing in the background.

“Here’s the bottom line: the most admirable attribute of a human being is believability,” says Nugent. “If you believe this man, you believe he believes in what he says, and that he represents your beliefs, that identifies President Donald J. Trump. He wants the United States to be the winner. He wants to benefit the United States Of America because this is the last best place.”