WATCH: Ted Nugent Talks Guns, Hunting in Throwback Letterman Appearance

by Joe Rutland
WATCH: Ted Nugent Talks Guns, Hunting in Throwback Letterman Appearance
(Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

Rock guitarist Ted Nugent loves guns and hunting. Anytime he can talk about it, he will. Nugent did that on “Late Night with David Letterman.”

Back in the early 1980s, Nugent appeared on Letterman’s NBC show and talked about his love of guns and hunting.

Letterman said, “Now I read on occasion that you cut down trees with guns.”

“Well, you know, a little target practice is good for a boy,” Nugent responded.

“What type of gun were we using here?” Letterman asked.

“Smith & Wesson Model 29, 6 1/2-inch, Blue Magnum 44” and other notable parts of the gun, Nugent said, leaving Letterman with a bewildered look on his face. Then he put it in more layman’s terms. “Nah, it’s a very high-quality handgun that I use with my children to target practice with.”

Again, Nugent’s reply leaves Letterman shaking his head.

“I’m serious,” Nugent said.

“You are a gun collector,” Letterman said.

Ted Nugent Is An ‘Aficionado’ Of Lots Of Firearms

“I am an aficionado of fine firearms,” Nugent replied.

“But only recreationally but, but you do hunt,” Letterman said.

“I am available for defensive work on weekends,” Nugent replied. “No, I appreciate good tools. I like to get my hands and fingernails dirty and work on my trucks and be a mechanic and play games.

“I think guns are a good tool that have their place where I can supply my family, friends, neighbors, and half the state of Michigan with fresh meat.”

Meanwhile, Letterman asked, “What type of meat would this be? Is it game or are you going out and shooting cows?”

“No, actually, I’ve never bought any beef,” Nugent said. “I hunt big game during the fall of the year. I don’t rock and roll, I like to harvest my own food instead of paying someone else to do my dirty work, you little wimp.”

Ted Nugent Isn’t A Fan Of Restricting Guns At All

Letterman then asks Nugent about restricting firearms, a topic that remains in the headlines even to this present time.

“Well the argument falls flat on its face because it’s been well-documented that wherever there’s strict gun control laws in place in cities, like the city (New York City) we’re sitting in right now, there’s a higher rate of crime than in cities across the country where there are not strict gun control laws,” Nugent replied.

After his comment, a mixture of cheers and boos come up from the show’s audience.

“The funny thing is,” Nugent said, “boo or no boo, it happens to be true and it’s been documented over and over again.”

Although this may be true, Letterman asks on what evidence has this been based.

“Funny thing is that evidenced piled based on investigations motivated by an anti-gun cause and these people come up with the facts and they go, ‘Better hide these,'” Nugent said.

Nugent and Letterman continue their conversation, eventually turning to chat about Nugent’s car collection.

Rocker Lives Sober Life Thanks To God, Hunting

Yes, Nugent performed his classic song “Stranglehold” on there as well.

Throughout his musical career, Nugent has seen plenty of his contemporaries suffer from too many drugs and alcohol.

He has managed to skip past all of that insanity and stay on the outside of it because of two things: God and hunting.

“That connection with God’s miraculous renewable Creation, that feeds my family – the clothing, the tools, the medicine, the homes, the weapons. It all comes from God’s pantry,” he said in an interview. “And that guided me to remain clean and sober my entire life.

“I have never messed with drugs or alcohol or tobacco or stupid food,” he said. “As a hunter, you have to be cocked, locked, and ready to rock the clock doc to get close to a deer with a sharp stick. So that guided me to avoid the lie, the nonsense of peer pressure.”