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Watch Kelly Clarkson Go Off-Roading in a Mini-Van on ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’

by Jennifer Shea
Alliance for Women in Media Foundation/Getty Images for Alliance for Women in Media Foundation

“The Voice” coach Kelly Clarkson went off-roading in a minivan for a segment on CNBC’s “Jay Leno’s Garage,” and she was not exactly tearing up the dirt roads.

“I’m gonna win this so easy,” Leno marveled, watching her through binoculars. “She certainly puts the word ‘idle’ in ‘American Idol.’”

Meanwhile, Clarkson was – slowly and carefully – having a grand old time.

“Jay, you don’t understand my method,” she insisted. “You said ‘safely.’ You gotta slow down on the curves, Jay. Bet ya didn’t know that.”

“I’m like a NASCAR mom right now,” she added.

Clarkson posted a clip from the segment to her Instagram page on Thursday night, captioning the post, “I may go slow around the corners, but I’m determined to win!! Hope y’all tuned in to see who won on @jaylenosgarage on @CNBC!”

‘The Voice’ Is Back With Season 21

Meanwhile, one of Clarkson’s shows, “The Voice,” has returned with Season 21, and it’s doing quite well in the ratings. The show won high Tuesday night ratings for the fourth consecutive week this week, drawing 6.3 million viewers, right behind CBS’s “FBI,” which nabbed 6.44 million viewers, per Deadline.   

The new season features Clarkson, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Ariana Grande in the coaches’ chairs. The foursome has a lively rapport, with Shelton and Grande occasionally teaming up to playfully tease Clarkson, who is an unabashed softie.

As for Clarkson’s other show – her talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show” – it is also doing great. It recently moved into the choice time slot formerly occupied by Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show. And Clarkson has found an outlet in the show during a messy divorce process.

For instance, Clarkson recently got in a little musical therapy by putting her own spin on a cover of Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever,” tweaking the lyrics a little to fit her own situation. The song is about a bad breakup that leaves the singer better off alone, and Clarkson clearly seems to feel she’s better off without her ex and former manager, Brandon Blackstock.

Clarkson Is Hanging in There Despite a Difficult Year

Clarkson’s divorce from Blackstock has been epic even by the standards of messy divorces, with Blackstock trying (and failing) to get custody of their two young children – Clarkson has primary custody – and Clarkson suing Blackstock for fraud and illegal services after Blackstock’s management company, Starstruck Management, sued Clarkson for unpaid commissions.

Through it all, Clarkson has continued to show up for “The Voice” and “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the picture of professionalism amid personal calamity.

For the most part, the talk show host and “The Voice” coach has remained relentlessly chipper despite everything she’s going through. And lucky for her, she can vent her feelings through song to a national audience anytime she feels like it.