WATCH: Tim Allen Honors Iconic ‘Home Improvement’ Character in New ‘Last Man Standing’ Episode

by Joe Rutland

Comedian Tim Allen is wrapping up his last season of “Last Man Standing,” yet allows an old friend of his to make an appearance.

Allen, who had earlier sitcom success as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on ABC’s long-running “Home Improvement,” receives a special visit from Taylor.

The interaction between Mike Baxter, Allen’s “Last Man Standing” character, and Taylor is rather touching. At one point, Baxter swings open a door to the breaker box and he is looking over the top of it talking to Taylor.

It leads Taylor to remember spending time talking with his friend Wilson.

Tim Allen Character ‘Tim Taylor’ Looks Back At Wilson

Baxter thinks he’s talking about the volleyball that Tom Hanks talked to in the movie “Castaway.” Yet Taylor is remembering his neighbor Wilson, who used to talk with Taylor as he looked just above his backyard hedges.

All you could see of Wilson in “Home Improvement” was from his nose up to the top of his head.

It’s a scene where Allen seemingly pays homage to both his current show’s ending and a nod to his earlier success.

Take a look at this clip with Tim Allen from “Last Man Standing.” It is part of this week’s episode, which can be seen on Thursday on Fox.

Allen and Molly McCook Get Giggles During Scene

“Last Man Standing” sets its final season in 2023 after the COVID-19 pandemic, so fans are getting a look into their favorite characters’ futures.

One scene actress Molly McCook and Allen were doing caused them to break into laughter in the opening episode. Obviously, this final season is going to be incredible.

It’s where Mandy (McCook) is tucking her daughter into bed. However, her daughter won’t go to sleep because she’s afraid of monsters under the bed. So, Mandy decides to sing the family nighttime song to her daughter. Mike overhears his daughter singing to his grandaughter and reminisces with her about the song.

Mandy said, “Well, personally, I always preferred your version.” Then the two begin singing as they laugh, “Night night, turn out the light, now get the hell to bed.”

The show’s theme has revolved around a married father of three attempting to keep his manliness in a world increasingly dominated by women. Tim Allen and the cast will wrap up the show in this, its ninth season.


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