WATCH: Tim Allen Once Gave a Tour of His Epic Car Collection

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by © Aaron Rapoport/CORBIS OUTLINE/Corbis via Getty Images)

A lot of Tim Allen’s success has been rather unprecedented. Actually, the star even faced some serious drug trafficking charges in the past. He served time for it, too, though he got off early on parole. Since then, he’s been rather open about his journey to finding his “higher self” and what it means to “be a man.”

The star has worked his way up to a staggering net worth of upwards of $100 million. Now, that fortune helps him fund an expensive hobby: cars. The funnyman actually has a whole garage devoted entirely to the collection that he’s amassed over the years. Fans might also spot some special memorabilia and props from his old sets like the massive light-up “Home Improvement” sign that came directly from the long-running and beloved sitcom. Catch the full tour below!

Tim Allen Says He Owns Pretty Much Every Dream Car He Used to Build Models Of

Tim Allen’s love for cars actually started pretty early on. He recounts building miniature models of his favorite ones, never thinking he might actually grow up to own the full-size ones himself. Actually, he owns pretty much every dream car he can think of now. The garage tour shows off several of these rare models, including the 1933 Ford Roadster he built on-set during his “Home Improvement” days. Check it out:

During the garage tour, Tim Allen actually goes into detail about the various models’ driving capabilities and style. He says that some of the older cars are more for show than function because manual steering is often clunky and difficult. Apparently, some of the cars even channeled Allen’s inner “American Picker” as he talks about stumbling on them by accident as “barn finds.”

Yes, his garage is already full, but no he doesn’t plan on putting down the hobby just yet. He even jokes about wanting a warship that would eventually “take up the whole block.”

Guess That Car With Jay Leno

In a past sketch with Jay Leno, Tim Allen got blindfolded as they went for a drive. It joins Jay Leno’s “Garage” series, specifically his “Stump a Car Nerd” segment. He couldn’t think of a better car nerd to call than Tim Allen and hoped to outsmart him.

After being blindfolded, Allen had just a short drive to guess what kind of car Leno was steering around in. The correct answer is a 1970 Mazda Cosmo, but will Allen guess it? The car’s original MSRP value stood at around $4k, but with some finishing details and upgrades, it now stands closer to $110k in value.

Leno starts off the segment saying he’s joined by Timothy Allen for the day, but Allen is quick to interject. “What are you, my mother? No one calls me Timothy.” The pals banter back and forth throughout the video in good fun.

See for yourself right here: