WATCH: Tom Hanks’ Clint Eastwood Impression is Spot-On


(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images)

Is there anything that Tom Hanks can’t do? Well, the answer to that is still up in the air. He might not be able to swim miles and miles, but man, oh man, can he act!

Tom Hanks is arguably one of the greatest actors to ever grace Hollywood. There are only a few actors who still challenge him for that title. Nonetheless, his versatility as an actor is virtually unparalleled.

In 2016, Tom Hanks went on The Graham Norton Show and displayed a world-class impression. The impression was of the iconic actor and director, Clint Eastwood. Apparently, Eastwood is so good at his job that he doesn’t need to say much rather just gives a disapproving look instead.

Tom Hanks Has a Perfect Impression of Clint Eastwood

Graham Norton begins by prefacing the question he wants to ask. “The thing about you, Tom Hanks, ‘cuz when we talk to you about films, we always imagine that any director where you’re in the film will be quite intimidated by you.”

Tom Hanks scoffs at this, saying “Gee, I wish.” But, Norton pushes on, saying that when he was working with Clint Eastwood, the roles were likely reversed. The show host asks about what the dynamic was like between the two legendary actors.

To which, Tom Hanks says that the frightening part of Eastwood was the intimidating looks. He adds that you never want to get one of those. So, he demonstrates, to a tee, what that expression looks like. Even though fans of both can see how accurate the depiction is, the legendary actor says that it isn’t a very good impression.

Tom Hanks runs through a scenario about what he might say to Clint Eastwood to get the look. And he then demonstrates the facial expression Eastwood would give as his whole response. As the show moves on, Hanks goes on to poke fun of the director.