WATCH: Take a Tour of Some of Elvis Presley’s Iconic Jumpsuits at the Elvis Presley Museum

by Halle Ames

Being named The King doesn’t come at a small price. You must also dress the part. Take a tour of Elvis Presley’s iconic jumpsuits.

Angie Marchese, an Elvis expert at Graceland, gave fans on social media a tour of The King of Rock and Roll’s impressive jumpsuit collection.

Good thing jumpsuits are back in style. Cue Elvis Presley voice Thank you. Thank you very much.

Black Pyramid Suit Or Butterfly Suit

“Hi everybody, greetings from Elvis the Entertainer Exhibit. As you can see, I’m here in our jumpsuit display area, with some of Elvis’s most iconic outfits,” says Marchese while walking up to a black suit with gold studs. “Probably one of my favorite side notes is that this jumpsuit here, a lot of the fans named it the Black Pyramid Suit because, from the crowd, the studs actually looked like little pyramids.”

Real clever, guys.

“But as you can see up close, they are actually butterflies. So, we’ve kind of named it the Butterfly Suit.”

Another clever name.

Elvis Presley’s Purple Owl Suit

Marchese continues onto a purple ombre suit with a design of gold studs down the arms and chest. A massive belt also sports an owl in the middle. The Graceland guide says that is one of Elvis Presley’s most notable outfits.

“But these are jumpsuits that Elvis would have worn in 1971-72. Probably one that everyone will recognize if you’ve seen Elvis on tour is this outfit, the Purple Owl. Yes, this is the one Elvis is wearing when he points to the belt and says, “if y’all can’t see this, this is an owl.” As you can see up close, it truly is one.”

Iconic White Lion Head Suit

When I think of Elvis Presley, I think of The King rocking his jet-black hair and his white jumpsuit with red interior. Along the middle, large gold star pendants catch the eye, with firework details on the arms and down the leg. There is a belt that accompanies the suit. However, Hard Rock owns it.

“Next, we have what they call the White Lion Head Suit. That was because the belt that goes with it, which is part of the Hard Rock archives, actually has lion heads around it, but this is a basic jumpsuit that Elvis has made and wore a lot in 1972, with this jumpsuit design. You’ll notice this one also has a matching cape to it like the butterfly one did.”

Marchese reveals the mastermind behind all of Elvis Presley’s detailed jumpsuits. She also notes how surprisingly heavy they are.

“All of these outfits were designed by Bill Belew, and they are made out of 100 percent wool gabardine, and they are not that light. They weigh somewhere around 20 pounds each, with the capes.”

Elvis Presley’s Beautiful Blue Tiffany Suit

The final jumpsuit on the tour is a robin’s egg blue or, if you like jewelry, the iconic Tiffany & Co. blue. This suit also has gold designs coming out of the chest, down the arms, and down the legs—the color of a King. Additionally, Elvis Presley had a hand in designing these elaborate outfits alongside Bill Belew.

“Then this one, we have nicknamed the Blue Tiffany Suit for its obvious color that reminds us of all the famous Tiffany Blue. Again, an outfit that Elvis wore and Elvis on tour in that time frame around 1972. This is a good example that you’ll be able to see that the lining of the cape actually matches the kick pleats in the sides. So there was a lot of continuity that Elvis thought of and the designers thought of when putting these outfits together.”

Elvis Presley was both a music and fashion icon until his unfortunate death in 1977 at the young age of 42.