WATCH: Trace Adkins as Thorn in Upcoming Western ‘The Desperate Riders’

by Taylor Cunningham

Get excited, Outsiders. We have a sneak peek of Trace Adkins’ upcoming movie The Desperate Riders, and you can watch it right here.

In the movie, the multi-platinum country crooner plays Thorn, an outlaw who kidnaps and intends to forcibly marry his long-lost love, Carol.

Carol’s son Billy asks a famous gunslinger named Kansas Red to save his mother from Thorn, and Kansas agrees. So the two ride off into the sunset to hunt them down and pick up a mysterious woman named Leslie—who also has beef with Thorn—along the way.

But once they catch up with Thorn and his damsel in distress, they realize that she may not want to be rescued. And in a twist, Billy learns that Thorn is actually his father.

Judging by the clip, it’s easy to guess that Carol is quite content with her abductor. And on top of that, Kansas Red may not be who he claims to be. But we don’t have to explain it any further, you can watch it for yourself.

So is Trace Adkin’s villainous character really the bad guy in the story? It doesn’t look that way. But we’ll all find out for sure when The Desperate Riders comes out on Feb. 25th.

Bruce Dern Says Costar Trace Adkins Has a Unique ‘Presence’ in ‘Badland’

You may have to wait another long week before you can catch Trace Adkins in The Desperate Riders. But the country singer has starred in plenty of other movies that are out now.

And according to Bruce Dern, there is one in particular that you don’t want to miss—the 2019 Western flick Badland.

During an interview with Cowboys and Indians, the actor gushed over Adkin’s on-screen “presence” in the movie. And considering the fact that Dern is a two-time Oscar nominee, that’s pretty high praise.

As Dern shared, he always judges actors “a certain way.”

“And that is, can they fill a doorway?” he said. “Trace Adkins has a persona that fills a doorway.”

“He may have no self-confidence in himself,” he continued. “But Jesus Christ, he has a presence. And he was very good in [2019’s Badland film]. I didn’t have any scenes with him, but when I was shown the movie, and I saw it, I said, ‘Who the bleep is that guy?’” 

For those of you who haven’t watched the film, Badland follows Detective Matthias Breecher, who is hired to track down infamous Confederate war criminal Reginald Cooke (Bruce Dern). Cooke is connected to a high-ranking officer named General Corbin Dandridge (Trace Adkins), and the detective first sets his eyes on him.

Once Detective Breecher finds Dandrige, he begins a long and lonely journey through the Old West in search of the criminal. And along the way, he meets a mysterious and determined pioneer woman who isn’t exactly who she seems.

The film is available now on Amazon Prime.