WATCH: TV Icon Jerry Stiller Appears on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ On This Day in 1963

by Keeli Parkey

Fifty-eight years ago today (June 9, 2021), one of the most beloved comedy duos in history performed on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” That duo was “Stiller & Meara.” As fans know, it consisted of the husband-wife team of Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.

Luckily for fans of comedy, there is footage of their June 9, 1963, appearance on the wildly popular late-night show. In this clip, the comedy duo gives their hilarious interpretation of advertisements from the time.

“Jerry and I would like to bring you what we call ‘a moment of truth’ behind some commercial messages you may have seen on your TVs,” Meara says at the start of the clip.

Their first “commercial” pokes fun at a commercial involving the first time a husband and wife meet. She’s worried because she isn’t wearing makeup when they meet. He tells her she should be more worried about not having on a dress.

In the next skit, Meara plays a woman who becomes very much aware of the voiceover taking place in her commercial. “Get out of my house!” she exclaims. She also screams, “Help, police!”

Their next commercial spoof follows a woman whose washer has broken down. Jerry Stiller appears to be a repairman until she tells him her husband has finally left home. After this twist, they embrace to big laughs and applause from the audience.

It’s easy to see how Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara went on to leave their marks on comedy. This clip from “The Ed Sullivan Show” captures them in their younger days. But, the comedic timing, humor, and chemistry they had with one another are on full display.

Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara Married in 1954

According to, the June 1963 appearance by Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara was not the only time they appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

They weren’t just on the show a handful of times, either. In fact, they made 36 appearances on the program.

It was just about a decade before this 1963 appearance on the popular show, that the two future stars were married in 1954. They first showcased their act in nightclubs and eventually began appearing on television. In addition to “The Ed Sullivan Show,” they also appeared on “The Merv Griffin Show,” “The Steve Allen Comedy Hour,” and “The Tonight Show.”

They worked together for a decade, then decided to focus on their solo careers where they were both successful. Jerry Stiller is known for his role as Frank Constanza on “Seinfeld” and as Arthur Spooner on “The King of Queens.” Anne Meara had success on “Rhoda” as Sally Gallagher and as Veronica Rooney on “Archie Bunker’s Place.”

Jerry Stiller was born on June 8, 1927, in Brooklyn, New York. He passed away on May 11, 2020, in Manhattan from natural causes. Anne Meara was also born in Brooklyn. Her birthday was September 29, 1929. She passed away on May 23, 2015, also in Manhattan of natural causes. Their son, Ben Stiller, is a famous actor, as well.