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WATCH: Vin Diesel Goes Off-Roading Through Forest on ‘Paradise’ Vacation

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Universal Pictures)

When you think of an Outsider’s paradise, it might look a little different than the Hollywood image. I mean, I love beaches as much as the next guy, but the forest is where we thrive. Fishing, hunting, hiking, camping. And not a soul in sight? Now that’s the true definition of paradise. Apparently, Vin Diesel gets it too.

The “Fast & Furious” family head is spending some time doing exactly that. Although we don’t know exactly where he is, the star finds himself somewhere in a forest off-roading solo and getting in a little “road therapy.” That’s what I’ve always referred to my solo road trips as, anyway. A time to reconnect with yourself and really think about your life path, your values, etc. His latest Instagram post gives fans a little sneak peek into his mind and reveals how he really feels about “paradise” vacations.

Vin Diesel Ponders Why the Chicken Crossed the Road and Maybe Some Other Things

Here’s the brilliant video that Vin Diesel shared on his official Instagram page, which currently stands at 76.5 million followers. Check it out:

Now, the video is a tad on the longer side clocking in at about 2 minutes. It’s pretty dramatic, too, but as the good people of the internet say, you’ve just gotta “Wait for it.” So with that being said, let’s break down the scene.

Vin Diesel keeps a straight face throughout most of the video and there’s entirely no dialogue at all. Just a guy in some sunglasses enjoying the scenery in his side by side. So, what’s with the mood? Well, his Instagram caption gives us a taste of what he’s thinking about.

“I don’t know,, maybe it’s me. But for some reason, I can’t ever truly [lose] myself in a paradise-like vacation without thinking about everyone else. We all must rise!!!”

Eventually, Vin Diesel crosses paths with a rooster in the video and actually signs off with a smile. Still no dialogue, but who needs that when you’re Vin Diesel?

Getting Serious About Mental Health

All jokes aside, Vin Diesel has openly discussed his mental health in the past along with a slew of other big-name celebrities like Owen Wilson and Christopher Meloni. Actually, Vin Diesel wrote, directed, and produced a project in ’95 entirely dedicated to that.

Called “Multi-Facial,” the project explores his experiences as a multi-racial actor trying to make his big break in Hollywood. It’s something a lot of people still don’t know about Vin Diesel’s identity to this day. Even though the short film had a very low budget (we’re talking thousands here), it still went on to gain rave reviews.