WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Reveals Adorable Home Movie of Maggie, Pat Sajak Preparing for a Father-Daughter Dance

by Jon D. B.

It’s Father’s Day Week on Wheel of Fortune, and the show has an absolutely adorable clip of Maggie & Pat Sajak to celebrate.

“@PatSajak & @MaggieSajak have lots of memories together, and they’re here to share a few with you! ❤️” says Wheel of Fortune Monday. It’s a promise the classic game show delivers on, too, with both Sajaks delivering a wonderful look into their relationship.

The highlight, however, comes at the 1:50 mark. It’s here that we see a tiny kindergarten-age Maggie absolutely ecstatic as she prepares for her school’s “Father Daughter Dance”. Her older brother, Patrick, is filming, too, which gives the footage the precious perspective of a then 10-year-old boy.

It’s a must-watch for Wheel of Fortune fans, and the perfect way to kick off Father’s Day celebrations with the Sajaks.

“Watch the exclusive chat right now and we’ll see you tonight for Father’s Day Week on Wheel,” the show continues via their official Twitter. And that’s exactly what we’ll do!

What a cutie!

Is Co-Hosting ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in Maggie Sajak’s Future?

 Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie has become a familiar face to Wheel fans over the years. She’s even made extensive appearances on the show! For several nights in Season 37, Maggie Sajak was a featured player (not contestant) on her father & Vanna White’s game show.

As recently as August of 2020, Maggie posted a “throwback” to herself in “sparkles and dresses and playing a small part in season 37 of @wheeloffortune…cant wait to watch season 38 starting next month!” she said at the time.

By all accounts, Maggie had a blast on Wheel, too.

“Big thanks to @wheeloffortune for having me and to @officialvannawhite for making me feel at home… See you all this week at the puzzle board!” she posted during her latest Wheel of Fortune stint.

Appearing on the show for a full week, Maggie got a feel for what hosting the show could be like. Would it be so crazy to assume she’s in the running to replace Vanna White when the star retires? Maggie has grown into a talented and lovely presence. Her warmth and charisma would be a perfect fit in her father – and Vanna’s – stead!

Outsider hopes Vanna never retires, but if she does – who better to take the reigns than Pat Sajak’s own talented, stunning daughter?

By her own Instagram shots, Maggie absolutely looks the part. Having grown up in this world, too, means Ms. Sajak would be a fantastic Wheel of Fortune heir both spiritually and physically.

Here’s to hoping we see much more of Maggie Sajak on Wheel of Fortune in the future. Until then, continue to celebrate Father’s Day Week with us here on Outsider.