WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Goes ‘Big Money’ with Flurry of Spins in Win

by Megan Molseed

It was a risky move. But the risk paid off immensely for one “Wheel of Fortune” contestant.

On Monday evening, the hit game show shared a wild video the Instagram. In the video, one contestant decided his best angle towards winning fabulous prizes would be to make a flurry of spins,

“Michael: I’ll Spin One More Time,” the “Wheel of Fortune” Instagram post’s caption said. “Take as many spins as you need, Michael!” Ending the caption was a very happy laughing emoji.

The crossword-style puzzle was paired with the clue “north.” As the video begins, we see the word “pole” but many of the letters to the other words. This doesn’t seem to phase Michael too much as he first buys a vowel and then decides to spin.

“I think you’re going to be okay,” noted “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak as the wheel spun to land on a $500 spot.

This got the contestant one letter closer to solving the puzzle. In the video, you can hear Michael say “let’s try one more.”

The brave contestant gives the wheel another spin, landing once more on $500. By now, the board is missing only four letters in the puzzle. Many contestants would try to avoid the “bankrupt” space and choose to attempt to solve the puzzle at this point. However, Michael decides to buy a vowel. He then decides to take the risk again.

“One More Spin” Clinches The Win For “Wheel of Fortune” Player

“I’m going to spin it one more time,” the contestant tells Sajak. At this point, the puzzle is only missing two spaces on the board. Luck was on the spinner’s side. The contestant was fortunate as the wheel stopped on the $650 space.

With only one letter left, Michael decided it was time to solve the puzzle.

“Are you sure you don’t want to spin it one more time?” teased Sajak. In all, the brave contestant won $3,100 during the risky play.

Since the popular game show premiered in the 1980s, “Wheel of Fortune” has been a daytime favorite. Hosted by Pat Sajak, and cohosted by Vanna White, the iconic game show has long offered an exciting evening of entertainment with its one-of-a-kind wheel packed full of amazing prizes. The hit game show has received many Emmy awards during its tenure on television.

This summer, viewers are invited to take part in the excitement during the “Wheel of Fortune Christmas In July” event. The event began July 12 and will continue until July 23. During this event, fans have the opportunity to win the same prizes as the contestants. From cash to cars, to vacations and more, it’s all up for the winning!