WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Diana Crushes Puzzles to Win $57,850

by Keeli Parkey

In honor of its “Secret Santa Giveaway,” the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune” showcased a big winner from the 2020 holiday season with a tweet posted on Tuesday, July 20.

That winner is a contestant named Diana. And, she had a whole lot of success – and a whole lot of fun – during her December 2020 appearance on the show. From the moment longtime host Pat Sajak interviewed her, it was clear that Diana was very excited to be standing behind the famous wheel.

“You look happy to be here,” Sajak says to the contestant in the “Best of Diana” video shared on social media. “I am happy to be here, Pat!” the smiling Diana exclaims. “Oh, I love to be here.”

Her excitement is very clear to Sajak. “Like almost hysterically happy to be here,” he also says.

Diana’s energy was also very obvious to the “Wheel of Fortune” host. “And one thing I”m not going to have to say during the show is, ‘Could you speed it up, Diana?” Sajak says.

Diana would get even happier and more energetic as this episode of “Wheel of Fortune” goes on. She wins $5,100 by solving the puzzle, “Taxi & Sleigh Ride.” Then, she adds $3,250 to her total by solving the puzzle, “Peace and Serenity.” This puzzle also won Diana a trip to Puerto Rico. Upon hearing this she claps and hands and jumps up and down in a circle. Honestly, who wouldn’t after winning a free vacation?

She also solves a puzzle that perfectly sums up how this “Wheel of Fortune” contestant must have felt while appearing on the show. That puzzle’s solution was “I Feel Pretty Great.”

Diana felt even better after she solved the final puzzle of the episode. When time came for her to guess the answer, the board was showing, “*T *AS A MA**R ***T*RY.” It’s not the easiest solve, but Diana does it on her first guess. The solution was “It Was A Major Victory.”

Yes, it was!

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Said Contestant’s Energy Was ‘Amazing’

This “Wheel of Fortune” video also includes some personal information about contestant Diana. She was living in Los Angeles and working as a data analyst for a school system there. And is also the proud mother of four children and three grandchildren.

Diana also makes sure that she walks at least 10,000 steps each day. She was also excited to share this news with Pat Sajak.

“Because I work, you know, I sit down all day, so I got to get up and exercise,” the energetic Diana shares. “So, I said if I don’t get my 10,000 steps I got to get up and I’d be mad at myself. Look, I get those steps in every day.”

After she solved one of the “Wheel of Fortune” puzzles, Diana’s excitement shows through. This prompts Sajak to say: “I’ve never seen anyone burn 10,000 steps standing still. It’s amazing.”