WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Daz Crushes Massive Two-Word Puzzle for Trip to Portugal

by Amy Myers

Wheel of Fortune invites fans to have a musical morning with this recap featuring the contestant and musician named Daz, who goes by the stage name, “Symphonic.”

In the game show’s Twitter recap, Daz dominated his competitors one letter at a time as his bank value continued to rise. Daz, much like the always well-dressed host, Pat Sajak, showed up to the Wheel looking quite dapper in his black button-down shirt and bright red bowtie. Even when he wasn’t making music, the contestant seemed to steal the show from the other competitors.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Has ‘Symphonic’ Round

Before the “Event” puzzle, contestant Daz gained steady momentum on Wheel of Fortune. But once the Power Play puzzle lit up on the board, “Symphonic’s” success took off like a runaway train. He starts off the puzzle with three T’s and continues to guess nearly every consonant on the board as if letter-turner Vanna White already exposed them. Along the way, Daz scored a “Free Play” card and added some vowels to the mix. He also found a “Wild Card” that brought his bank total up from $9,400 to an impressive $16,900.

Finally, for the win, Daz solves the puzzle, “International Travel.”

And, lucky for him, the Wheel of Fortune contestant also scores international travel of his own.

“Like maybe to Portugal. That would be good,” host Pat Sajak exclaimed.

Contestant Shows Off His Musical Skills in Triple Toss-Up

Perhaps one of the hardest categories in Wheel of Fortune is song lyrics. Contestants could be experts in 70s classic rock but not 90s pop punk. With no telling which genre the song could be in, it’s not likely your personal playlists will help you very much.

Unless you’re a trained musician like Daz, who has to know just about every big hit from every genre. That’s how he scored the hardest puzzle in the Triple Toss-Up. Reciting the lyrics to The Doors song, “Hello, I Love You,” Daz continued the line with “Won’t You Tell Me Your Name.”

The thousand dollar-win was just the tune he needed to hear because the musical contestant would continue his good fortune until the end of the regular rounds. Daz entered the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round with over $41,000 in his bank. Sadly, though, this is where his luck ended.

After choosing the category, Fun & Games, “Symphonic” couldn’t quite work out the answer to the puzzle. With seven letters still missing after his letter additions, we don’t blame him.

He tried “Climbing Hole” and “Gliding Hole” but what he really needed was a hole-in-one to get him to the answer, “Playing Golf.”

While the Wheel of Fortune contestant didn’t win the Camaro, he still had a hefty cash win. And we’re pretty sure he was singing a happy song when he left the set.