WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Destroy Express Round for Free Mexico Vacation

by Chris Haney

On Friday night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, contestant Jason risked it all and took the Express all the way to a free getaway in Mexico.

Throughout this past week, the game show has welcomed some specific contestants. To celebrate the upcoming Father’s Day holiday on June 20, all Wheel of Fortune contestants this week have been dads. During the father-themed episode last night, contestant Jason spun the wheel and landed on the Express Train.

The Express wedge seems great on the surface, but it comes with a catch. If a contestant lands on Express, they get $1,000 if they guess a correct letter. Then, they’re given a choice. They can continue to play without interruption and will earn an additional $1,000 per correct guessed letter. However, if they miss a letter, they go bankrupt and lose all their earnings. Without hesitation, Jason played on.

Jason was working with a three-word category titled “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He originally added an “L” before following that up with an “S.” He seemed to know the answer already, so he kept calling out letters as he chose “P, D, and K.” With only two vowels left, Jason answered: “SIPPING DRINKS POOLSIDE.”

$10,250 later and Jason had a huge lead on his competitors. To make things even better, Wheel of Fortune is sending him on vacation to Mexico after running through the Express. The game show also highlighted his impressive early-round performance on Twitter.

“Fathers are winning big this week! Check out what Jason won with the Express Wedge,” Wheel of Fortune tweeted.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Solves Final Bonus Round of the Season

If you happened to wonder why Wheel of Fortune didn’t have their Father’s Day event next week, it’s easily explained. Yesterday was the final episode of the game show’s season before they take a break for a while. Therefore they moved up their celebration of all the dads out there to this past week. As the show takes a temporary break, it went out on a high note last night.

During the Season 38 finale, financial planner Mark Anselmo showed out by winning six of the nine puzzles, according to The Wheel of Fortune Blog. The contestant already won $18,000 in the regular rounds before earning a trip to the Bonus Round.

As always, Mark was given “R,S,T,L,N, and E” as his starting letters. He faced a two-word answer that was under the “PEOPLE” category. Mark chose “M, K, and D” as his three consonants, and then chose an “O” for his vowel. After his letters were turned by Vanna White, Mark only had three blanks and made easy work of the puzzle.

“FORMER JOCK,” Mark said aloud.

“That’s it, you got it,” host Pat Sajak said before revealing that Mark had just won a brand new Mercedes-Benz car. It took the contestant’s winnings on the day up $71,400 in total. An impressive showing by Mark on Wheel of Fortune, and a great way to sign off until Season 39 returns soon.