WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Kelly Crushes Express Round with Tons of Consonants

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

In honor of the Wheel of Fortune‘s Christmas in July giveaway, the show posted a clip from last year’s holiday season. Surrounding the competitors are evergreen trees, overside ornaments, presents, candy canes and snowflakes. The stage looks more like the set of The Nutcracker ballet than it does a game show.

As the video begins, contestant Kelly Cheresnick lands on the equally anticipated and feared “Express” wedge as a train horn sounds in the back. This means Cheresnick will have the rare opportunity to score thousands of dollars quickly or risk bankruptcy.

Despite the high stakes, the Wheel of Fortune contestant confidently agrees to play Express Round.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Whizzes Past Competitors

In order to play an Express Round on Wheel of Fortune, contestants first have to land on the appropriate wedge. After that, they must guess a letter. If they guess correctly, they then get the chance to win $1,000 for every following consonant they correctly call. They can even buy vowels. However, they cannot miss a single letter. Otherwise, they’ll wind up with an empty bank.

For Wheel of Fortune puzzles that have a lot of vowels, this is a huge risk to take. Playing the Express Round can leave you with little information about the words, and if you lose the round, it will give your competitors vital information about the puzzle.

However, thankfully for contestant Kelly Cheresnick, her holiday-themed puzzle was one chock-full of consonants. The first four words were almost all complete. Her big concern, though, was the seven-letter word that was still completely blank. Still, the Wheel of Fortune contestant proceeded with vigor as she guessed her first consonant, “Y.”

Even though she could buy vowels, Cheresnick continued to rack up the money by calling out all consonants. Eventually, she correctly guessed all the consonants in the puzzle—including a “V” and a “Z.”

The Wheel of Fortune contestant then wasted no time before solving the puzzle.

“You’ll have the most amazing time,” she called out.

On top of her $8,000 win, Cheresnick also won a trip to Mexico. Her total at that point was $16,206.

Contestant Kelly Cheresnick Finishes the Game Strong

Following the Express Round, Wheel of Fortune contestant Kelly Cheresnick furthered her lead over her competitors. She managed to snag all three puzzles in the Triple Toss-Up Rounds, correctly answering, “Red Bell Pepper,” “Yellow Squash,” and “Orange Chicken” consecutively.

Cheresnick finished the regular round of Wheel of Fortune with a final mind-blowing win of $10,500 with the puzzle, “Reading the Instructions.”

Although she did not correctly guess the Final Round puzzle, Cheresnick still walked away with a respectable $32,706 in cash and her Mexico vacation. A strong finish for a strong contestant.