WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Pat Sajak Trolls Contestant About ‘Doing Anything on the Internet’

by Amy Myers

Even funnier than what contestants say on Wheel of Fortune are host Pat Sajak’s authentic reactions and quick-witted comments. No matter the exchange, Sajak always finds a way to coax a laugh out of both the players and the audience. Now an integral part of the show, Wheel watchers look forward to the host’s conversations with his guests as much as the game itself.

In the past, Sajak claimed that the key to being a humorous host is paying attention to your contestants. Those little moments when Sajak gets to know the players all offer vital bits of information to him. As often as he can, he asks questions and chats with them about their interests. And most of the time, the conversations result in a joke or two. That’s the magic of being an attentive and engaging host.

In a recent recap of the Wheel of Fortune on the show’s Twitter, Sajak had the audience laughing without even making a joke. Just his sheer reaction to what contestant Josh Aldama said had watchers giggling.

Take a look at the video below for the awkward yet hilarious exchange between Sajak and Aldama.

The Wheel of Fortune host shared that his contestant was from West Covina, California. Along with his career as a creative account manager at an event design company, Aldama also revealed that he is a registered wedding officiant.

“Via the Internet,” the contestant added.

Though, this was a bit ambiguous to the host. Sajak asked if Aldama officiated weddings over the Internet, but the Wheel of Fortune contestant clarified that he received his license on the Internet.

“You can do anything on the Internet,” Aldama said.

Sajak casually flipped the note cards in his hand before giving the camera a knowing look.

Internet Wedding Officiant Finishes Second on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

While Aldama may have won a few laughs during his chat with Wheel of Fortune’s host, Pat Sajak, unfortunately, he lost the game. Still, he played an impressive round against two tough competitors and went home with a little cash.

During one of the first puzzles, Aldama foreshadowed his own performance on the show that helped him come close to the win but not quite grasp it.

With nine letters remaining on the board, the Wheel of Fortune contestant guessed, “Home of the Brave.”

His contestant, Tammy, who would end up being the winner, managed to tweak his guess for the correct answer, “Home on the Range.”

However, we still think Aldama should have received some sort of reward for his patriotic answer.

Much like his previous conversation, the game started well for him but fell flat in the end after a late bankruptcy robbed him of his winnings. At the end of the Wheel of Fortune, Aldama went home with a still respectable $4,000 takeaway.