WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White Busts Out Her Dance Moves in Latest Episode

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

They might not be as young as they used to be but Pat Sajak and Vanna White still bring energy and fun to Wheel of Fortune. Vanna was kind enough to bust out her dance moves for fans in the newest episode.

Sajak ran his cohost through a number of dance moves. She performed all of them without issue…except the last one. “The Clam” stumped White but she improvised and kept her composure. Honestly, her version of the dance is better than whatever it actually is.

“Ladies and gentlemen, do the twist. There we go, okay, now…alright. Do the, do the swim. Okay, that’s good. Do the clam!… Try something.”

The video is a great example of the dynamic between Vanna and Pat. Since starting on Wheel of Fortune almost four decades ago, the two have been one of the best duos in TV. They are just as much a part of the show as the wheel is. Poor Vanna, it definitely looked like someone else’s idea.

When the show is over and the money has all been given out, there is always that extra farewell scene with Sajak and White. This time it was the little dance routine that Vanna put on. Other times, Sajak just cracks a bad joke or two and the show comes to an end.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants Make Things Dramatic

One of the best parts of Wheel of Fortune has to be the last-second puzzle solvers. The contestants are the thing that makes the game so great. With just regular everyday people, there is no telling what might happen. One contestant recently had a dramatic win on the bonus round puzzle.

An 11-word puzzle popped up in front of the contestant. He did not look confident, however, he listed the letters he wanted to choose. Unfortunately for Micheal, none of his letters were on the board. He did get three letters, L, N, and T. Nothing else. Category, “What Are You Doing?”

After playing around with some responses that involved “sleeping,” Micheal was able to turn things around. He kept listing phrases and eventually came up with the right one. “Flipping out.” That’s exactly what he did after figuring out he had solved the puzzle. Even Vanna couldn’t control her excitement. Sajak was taken back.

“I don’t understand this game. It makes no sense. There’s no way he could’ve gotten that, and now he has a brand new car. It’s just crazy.”

That’s exactly why Wheel of Fortune is so popular. The great puzzles, prizes, contestants, and hosts all make the show great. Whether it’s Vanna dancing at the end or a last-second puzzle solve, the excitement is there every night on Wheel.