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Western Icon Bruce Dern Celebrates Thanksgiving With Family in Heartwarming Snap

by Chase Thomas
Publicity handout for the ABC-TV show Stoney Burke, a Western about a professional rodeo rider's driving ambition to claim the championship Golden Buckle, which remains elusive to him throughout the show's single season. Clockwise from top: Jack Lord (Stoney Burke), Warren Oates (Ves Painter), Bruce Dern (E.J. Stocker), Robert Dowdell (Cody Bristol).

Thanksgiving is a time for folks coming together with one another and giving thanks and reflecting on everything they have. Western icon Bruce Dern is no different, as the father of legendary actor Lauren Dern, had quite the Thanksgiving with his daughter and family.

Laura Dern went to Instagram to post a picture of her family, including Bruce Dern, for just the sweetest family picture.

She captioned it, “Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! All our love!”

Family is clearly an important part of the Dern family. She told Elle that, “Family — I think for all of us. Sharing the privilege of what seem like the little moments, cooking a meal with my kids, learning to cook together, sharing stories.” So it was a delightful time to have family, including Bruce Dern, over for a delightful and warm Thanksgiving.

She continued, “My Mom had pneumonia and specifically was high-risk in terms of her lungs. So, being so protective of her, it was a very locked-down time, like so many of us with a high-risk family member.”

Bruce Dern Through The Years

Bruce Dern is a Western and Hollywood legend. He has played all sorts of roles in Hollywood, both being a Good Guy and a Bad Guy. It can be difficult for an actor to pull off both kind of roles. They require different skillets that Dern has always had as a versatile actor. Whether it was The Great Gatsby or Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, he can make it work.

Bruce Dern told The Guardian, “The first thing about the way I act is: I don’t distinguish between good or bad. Buchanan doesn’t know he’s a bad guy. Everything is real to him. He doesn’t know he’s unscrupulous.” He has a theory about acting, he says: “Acting is about having the ability to be publicly private. Everyone is unique, so always be yourself, but put yourself in the character. Always leave a piece of yourself on the screen or stage, because people don’t forget uniqueness.”

It’s grey for Dern. He learns the character. It’s not as simple as good and bad. There is more involved there. You have to have more nuance than that to be able to nail a role in a Western like Dern and also a role in Great Gatsby. It’s tough.

Dern concludes, “Yeah, that scene when I tell the kids that if a piece of yourself isn’t on the canvas then what are you doing here? It’s not a question of trying to be original. You are original. So go with it, don’t be afraid of it. The terror for all of us, men and women, is that we’re not interesting, and that ego gets in the way and so you start performing. I don’t perform.”

Be yourself. And enjoy the time, if you can, with your family this holiday season. That’s what the Derns advise.