What Clint Eastwood Movies Are on Netflix?

by Matthew Wilson

For those looking for a Clint Eastwood binge, don’t worry we have you covered on what movies are on one of the biggest streamers – Netflix.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty slim pickings. If you’re interested in watching Eastwood’s vast catalog, you might want to look elsewhere. Amazon Prime, perhaps? Because currently, Netflix only has one Eastwood movie on its platform. But what the service lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality.

The 2008 flick “Gran Torino” stands out among the best of the best in Eastwood’s vast career. Originally envisioned a swan-song for acting, Eastwood reckons with his tough-guy image in this cinematic marvel. Though he later starred in “The Mule,” “Gran Torino” still serves as the cherry on top to Eastwood’s long, storied career.

Clint Eastwood Discusses ‘Gran Torino’

Eastwood discussed the film and his character Walt with Emanuel Levy back in 2008. The actor said he felt drawn to the character, a grouchy but honorable veteran. Eastwood’s character lives in a neighborhood whose better days seem far behind it.

“Walt’s a guy who is very, very disturbed about the way his world has gone,” Eastwood told the outlet. “He was raised in a neighborhood in Michigan that was populated with automobile people like he was, probably a high percentage of Polish Americans, like he is. So, when he sees his neighborhood changing, it discourages him.”

Part of the film explores Walt’s guilt and trauma over the Korean War and his perceived racism against Asians. The character is forced to reckon with both when he slowly befriends a Hmong neighbor. Their initial hostility and growing friendship form the entire heart of the film.

“He doesn’t want to have anything to do with these people,” Eastwood said. The film tackles prejudice and racism through shared commonalities. “He changes when he realizes they are intelligent and they’re very respectful of others, and I think he admires that. He has one line in the film where he says, ‘I have more in common with these people than I do with my own spoiled, rotten children’ and that kind of sums it up. It’s interesting, and often funny, how he starts out with a lot of prejudice, and then works his way out of it through these relationships.”

Those expecting climactic gunfire or violence like Eastwood’s earlier films may be disappointed. But “Gran Torino” stands out among Eastwood’s best work as an actor and director. Watch it now before it too leaves Netflix.