What Dr. Phil’s Lawyer Says About the Toxic Workplace Accusations

by Michael Freeman

Dr. Phil McGraw is currently facing accusations involving racism and a toxic work environment. Upon hearing this, his lawyer released a statement, denying the claims.

The information came from a Buzzfeed article posted on February 10 with many employees claiming verbal abuse, intimidation, and racism were commonplace, among other things. Dr. Phil’s lawyers contest the claims, Cinemablend reports, calling it a “click-bait” story and denying their credibility.

“BuzzFeed’s ‘click-bait story’ containing verifiably and objectively false characterizations and reporting of the publicly available contradictory results of these legal cases [including dismissal with prejudice due to a lack of merit, not even being a party and other factual errors] raises significant doubts about the credibility of the other unsubstantiated, anonymous claims relating to the show and its staff, which are not true,” McGraw’s attorney Patrick Morris stated.

Continuing, his attorney spoke of the crew and the show’s legacy. “Dr. Phil and our hard-working, diverse team of more than 200 proud staff, many of whom have been here for two decades, have sincerely and respectfully worked with thousands of appreciative guests. From the beginning, show executives have strived to create a collaborative, safe, and open environment for Dr. Phil McGraw and all staff and guests.”

This comes after McGraw’s attorney already voiced sentiments about the story being false. Morris also stated Buzzfeed jumped the gun and when other employees would have spoken to them, the outlet declined. “It is a clickbait story, because as everyone knows, Dr. Phil sells tickets. BuzzFeed was offered dozens of current and former staff members to talk to but when BuzzFeed started hearing the truth, which ruined their salacious narrative, they declined.”

What are the Toxic Workplace Allegations against Dr. Phil?

Though we’ve heard about the allegations Dr. Phil faces, what exactly has been said in that regard?

The Buzzfeed article in question mounts numerous statements against Dr. Phil. The outlet posted accounts from 12 different people who formerly or currently work for McGraw. Asking to remain anonymous, they spoke of “verbal abuse in a workplace that fosters fear, intimidation, and racism.” Further, 11 of them said, “their own mental health was damaged and disrupted at the expense of working for Phil McGraw.”

“I would have nightmares. I would literally be working in my sleep and have nightmares about something being wrong or not turning in something the right way,” a former employee said. “Even when I quit, I had to go to therapy for it, which is crazy because you’re working for a therapist.”

Seven employees said the show encouraged them to perpetuate racist stereotypes onscreen. Another said they received instructions to make sure a guest didn’t take her prescribed medication before appearing on the show.

Additionally, many employees quit because they “literally couldn’t take it anymore.”