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What Happened Between Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Late Wife and His Daughter Lyssa?

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Though they seemingly shared a close relationship while working together and with Dog the Bounty Hunter, his late wife Beth Chapman and daughter Lyssa had a falling out. So, what is it exactly that caused the tension between these two?

The Sun provides context and the reasons why Beth and Lyssa feuded years ago. As it turns out, things boiled over when Beth Chapman was upset Lyssa didn’t wish her well on Mother’s Day years ago. Additionally, Beth claimed Lyssa didn’t invite her to her graduation ceremony. Beth then took to social media, claiming “Lyssa doesn’t answer [her] calls and has [them] blocked.”

Beth taking the argument to Twitter seemed to fan the flames, with the two airing their grievances publicly. Upset about the Mother’s Day incident and not being invited to her graduation, Beth published numerous tweets calling Lyssa out. Saying things like “I would have moved a mountain to be there,” and even pointing out her own mortality with “[I’ve] only got a few things to look forward to.”

Lyssa didn’t really respond as much, though she did tweet back life is short and “you should focus on the good things.” She also told The Hollywood Gossip there were some reasons she wanted to get away from the family. “I had been molested by a friend of his,” Lyssa said back in 2016. “It was a horrible life that I never wanted to go back to.” She also noted the environment being full of conflict, and even drug use.

Though Lyssa worked with her family and on the show for some time, she didn’t for the show that debuted in 2013, presumably from the family tension.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Tributes her Late Mom With a Heartbreaking Post

Dog the Bounty Hunter has many children and though Lyssa had problems with Beth, his other daughters didn’t seem to. At least, not publicly. For instance, Bonnie Chapman recently posted a heart-wrenching tribute to Beth a few weeks ago on her social media platforms.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Bonnie lamented not being able to spend time with her ever again. Additionally, she commented on Beth making her the woman she is today and things not being the same since she passed. The tribute came a few weeks ago on what would have been Beth’s birthday.

“I feel like I don’t know what to say,” the caption reads. “Without you here it’s not the same, it never will be ever again. This new normal is unbearable at times, knowing I can’t just call you. Knowing I can’t celebrate Mother’s Day the same way, or your birthday. I will continue to celebrate, for you. I will continue to remember our laughs and the memories we shared. The yearn for a mother as a daughter is one that can’t be explained. “

Beth Chapman passed away battling cancer and would have been 54 on October 29.