What Matthew McConaughey Thinks Can Bring Us Together

by Samantha Whidden

Following nearly two years of constant turmoil throughout the world, Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey is revealing why he believes soccer is one way to bring everyone together.  

While chatting with NBC Sports earlier this week, Matthew McConaughey stated that soccer is needed more than ever. “We need that congregation of people. That healthy tribalism that sports brings.”

Matthew McConaughey also shared that soccer is an international sport and a peacemaker. “It can mend things.”

Along with expressing his thoughts about the sport, Matthew McConaughey opened up about Austin FC’s first year in Major League Soccer (MLS) and the team’s chants. “It’s the one that will last,” he declared. “You can build verses and melodies around it. But always from inaugural year to 100 years from now, it’s a one-hundred-year-old war.”

Matthew McConaughey became a minority owner of the Austin FC in 2019. At the time, McConaughey stated that the soccer team is more than a quality investment for Austin. It’s a quality investment for Austin. “The most diverse and borderless game in the world is now coming to one of the most multi-cultural, creative, and diverse cities in the world. Austin FC is a healthy investment in our city’s culture and future.”

Austin FC joined MLS as the league’s 27th franchise earlier this year. 

Matthew McConaughey Says Thanks to Austin FC the City Has a Team to Root For 

During an April 2021 interview with Austin American-Statesman, Matthew McConaughey opened up about why Austin FC is now the team to root for. “[The team] should look like the best of Austin,” he explained. “The team should inspire the best of Austin.”

Matthew McConaughey also stated that the fan experience at Q2 Stadium should be an example of the best of Austin. “We’re not coming in for a blank slate. We looked to what we love about Austin and how to create that into the team we build.”

McConaughey also stated that it’s the players who can bridge the gap between fan and club. “It is important to us that our players understand that Austin is not for rent. Don’t come here with a renter’s attitude. They need some ownership as an Austin FC player. We want them to reach out into the community through community service projects. And being a part of the city.”

McConaughey, who has dubbed himself the “minister of culture,” also shared in a virtual press conference earlier this spring that his goal is trying to align pitch and fan experience in the Q2 Stadium. “When you take a snapshot above Q2 Stadium on any given night that we play, you should be able to see in the crowd the diversity, creative colors, and vibrancy of Austin, Texas.”