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What Shows Has Patricia Heaton Starred In?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Patricia Heaton is one actress that represents the “every woman.” Her characters have been ones that families, primarily mothers, can instantly connect with. During her career, Heaton has portrayed the exasperated Debra Barone, who is just trying to get through a day without dealing with her nosey in-laws in “Everybody Loves Raymond;” as well as the overwhelmed and overworked Frankie Heck on the hit sitcom “The Middle.” Part of what makes Heatons characters so popular is the fact that they have been some of the most relatable in television history.

While these two characters are likely the actress’s best-known roles, Heaton has been acting for several years. And, she hasn’t always portrayed the overwhelmed mother, either.

Patricia Heaton Explores Her “Second Act”

In 2019, Heaton took on a role that explored what happens after you raise the kids and take care of the home in the popular television series “Carol’s Second Act.”

The comedy explores the challenges that come with looking at changing one’s life as they approach middle age. Heaton’s character, the title player, Dr. Carol Kenney has decided to end her lifelong career in teaching to pursue a medical degree. She finds herself coming up against fellow medical students who are half her age. While the age may give Carol a disadvantage to some extent, she is also discovering that her age brings experience that helps her through the many challenges of seeking a degree in the medical field.

Heaton’s stardom may be mostly via television, however, the talented actress has also found roles in popular movies as well. In 2015 Heaton voiced “Mamma Bear” in the animated film “Smallfoot.”

Patricia Heaton also played the overly buttoned-up friend Sondra who always makes the right and safest decisions on “Mom’s Night Out.” The film also stars Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, and Trace Adkins. During the course of the movie, Heaton’s character and her friends learn that it is important to find a balance between fun time with friends and dedication to family to maintain a certain amount of levity.

Heaton’s Acting Career Spans Multiple Genres Over the Years

In 2004, Heaton found a starring role in the television movie “The Goodbye Girl.”

This role was a step outside of Heaton’s prior roles. The actress portrayed an ex-Broadway chorus girl dancer. She finds herself trying to make it on her own raising her daughter, Lucy.

In 2011 Heaton played Evelyn in the short-lived series Versailles. The series starred Heaton as part of a brother and sister duo. The siblings host a public access talk show from the basement of their local library. The sibling team chooses the unique profession to follow their dreams. This goal becomes a priority for the siblings after the loss of their mother, a B-movie actress.

Other notable roles Patricia Heaton has played are Mrs. Hullestaad in “Easy to Assemble,” Kelly Karr in “Back to You.”

Heaton Also has a two-episode run credit in the hit Fox television series “Party of Five.”

In 1987, Heaton had a recurring role in the popular television drama, “Thirtysomething.”