‘Wheel of Fortune’: ’Bachelor’s Chris Harrison ‘Celebrity’ Episode Hit with Disclaimer

by Matthew Wilson

“Wheel of Fortune” has had a bit of controversy lately. Now, the game show’s being swept up in the controversy regarding Chris Harrison and “The Bachelor.”

“Wheel of Fortune” added a disclaimer to a recent celebrity edition featuring Harrison. The game show taped the episode back in December. Harrison competed for the charity Feeding America, winning $62,650. The show added a disclaimer before the episode: “This episode was previously recorded in December 2020.”

“The Bachelor” host recently stepped away from hosting duties after receiving backlash. Harrison defended contestant Rachael Kirkconnell after some of her past actions surfaced on social media. In 2018, Kirkconnell attended an Old South antebellum party and also liked photos that had the Confederate Flag. Harrison defended Kirkconnell in an interview. But his critics saw Harrison as condoning racism. Since then, the host apologized and stepped away from “The Bachelor.”

According to Fox News, several online users criticized both “Wheel of Fortune” and Harrison despite the disclaimer. One user wrote, “Chris Harrison playing celebrity wheel tonight YIKES.”

Another commented, “Chris Harrison for real about to get canceled. And win Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune in the same week.”

Still another user wrote, “Chris Harrison winning at Celebrity wheel of fortune makes me ill.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Backlash

Recently, “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak had his own backlash. Online users criticized the host after reportedly mocking a gameshow contestant. That contestant, Chris Brimble, had a lisp, a speech impediment. During the opening remarks, Sajak said “Ah, I thee” instead of “Ah, I see.”

Since that episode, several online users have criticized the host for insensitivity and mocking the contestant. Some have even called for the show to fire Sajak. Sajak has long hosted the show for decades and been one of the game show industry’s mainstays. Neither Sajak nor “Wheel of Fortune” have publicly commented on the controversy. But Sajak has been active on Twitter. He wrote, “How nice for those who have lived such exemplary lives that they can express glee when others have their lives ruined by a mistake, real or perceived.”

Since then, online users have also criticized that tweet as well as being insensitive. It remains to be seen if the backlash will have any effect on the show or its ratings.