‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Reveals What It Was Like to Meet Vanna White

by Clayton Edwards

When you think of game show personalities, there’s a good chance the Vanna White is at the top of the list. To be fair, she is one of the best parts of Wheel of Fortune. Her elegant gowns and bright smile light up the stage. On top of that, she has been a fixture of the show since December of 1982. So, she has been on the show for longer than many of its contestants have been alive.

Over the years, Vanna White has formed a connection to the Wheel of Fortune audience. In fact, when she lost her fiancé in the mid-80s, fans reached out to comfort her. She bounced back, though, and went on to marry again and have a couple of kids. Part of what fueled her recovery was the outpouring of support from the fans. So, it appears that the adoration goes both ways.

One Wheel of Fortune contestant, Devin Dugan, opened up about his time on the show as well as what it was like to meet Vanna White. He told The Green Bay Press Gazette all about his experience on the classic game show.

Green Bay Native Meets Vanna White

Dugan grew up in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area and is, reportedly, a huge Packers fan. However, he didn’t get to meet Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was in the same studio recording episodes of Jeopardy! but their paths never crossed. On the bright side, Dugan did get to meet Vanna White.

He told the Green Bay Press Gazette that Vanna White was, “Very nice.” He really enjoyed the whole experience. He added that the set looks completely different when you’re standing behind the Wheel.

For Dugan, appearing on Wheel of Fortune and meeting Vanna White was a dream come true. He is a life-long fan of the show. The Green Bay native had always wanted to compete. However, he didn’t think he would make the cut. Fortunately for him, his wife talked him into submitting an online audition for the show.

Devin Dugan couldn’t tell the Green Bay Press Gazette how he did on the show. His episode doesn’t air until this Thursday. However, all contestants who make it on the show are guaranteed a $1000 prize. Dugan says he is excited to see himself on the screen. He said that the whole experience was so exciting that he doesn’t remember actually playing the game.