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‘Wheel of Fortune’: This Contestant’s Guess Causes Pat Sajak to Hilariously Walk Off Set in 2014 Episode

by Emily Morgan
(Photo credit: Christopher Willard via Getty Images)

It’s probably a safe bet that during Pat Sajak’s time as host on “Wheel of Fortune,” he’s seen his fair share of crazy answers. Throughout the decades, contestants have come up with some wacky phrases when they get on the set and find themselves with money on the line.

You might think of yourself as a “Wheel of Fortune” whiz; however, all that puzzle-solving knowledge may go out the window when the cameras start rolling. That’s what happened to one contestant in 2014 when they started playing, and major brain farts kicked in.

“Wheel of Fortune” co-host Pat Sajak had a momentary freak out after a contestant left him stunned when they epically failed at solving a puzzle. During the Hawaii episodes of the “Best Friends” week, the television personality lost his cool and walked off the set after a contestant’s guess pushed him too far over the edge.

The category was the ever-popular, always vague “What Are You Doing?” With only an “N” on the board, it would have been pretty much impossible to guess correctly.

In the episode, a contestant has one letter visible on a four-word puzzle. She announced she wanted to solve it despite only having one clue to work with. Looking at her like she was insane, the contestant boldly took a whack at solving. Sajak responded to the contestant before temporarily unraveling by saying, “that’s amazing,” followed by “and it’s wrong.”

After Decades of Hosting ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ Pat Sajak Walks Off Stage

After more than 30 years of hosting the beloved game show, Sajak did something unprecedented. What followed played out like a comedy sketch as a frustrated Sajak had to walk off camera to compose himself.

The contestant failed by guessing the phrase “riding a brown horse.” Later, another contestant took an unsuccessful stab at solving the puzzle when they guessed “riding a white horse.”

The crowd erupted with laughter at the guesses. However, Sajak just shook his head in disbelief before finally walking off the set. When he makes it back on stage, he looks at the contestants in amazement and proclaims, “Who said anything about a horse?!”

In the end, the correct guess was “seeing a buddy movie,” which had nothing to do with a horse.

Even though it was hilarious and resulted in Sajak’s frustration, it was a moment neither Sajak nor fans will forget. If you haven’t seen the clip, we highly recommend giving it a watch. The one-minute clip currently has over 350,000 views on Youtube.