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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants Often Do Something That Leaves Fans Asking Questions

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Christopher Willard/ Getty Images)

A lot goes on behind the scenes of the Wheel of Fortune that us mere fans will never understand or even get the opportunity to know.

While producers may never answer some questions, we are proud to unveil some tv magic right from the source itself.

The Wheel of Fortune Side Glance

According to the Wheel of Fortune’s website, many fans were curious why contestants were constantly looking off the camera to the side.

The answer, my friends, is actually quite simple.

“They’re looking at the “used letter board” to see which letters have already been called. Having an awareness of this board is an important part of being a successful contestant!”

That seems like a necessary addition to a show involving 26 letters and nervous patrons. But now that they mention it, we’ve never heard Pat Sajak notify a Wheel of Fortune player that a letter was repeated.

How to Succeed on Wheel of Fortune

Other frequently asked questions that give some much-needed insight into the Wheel of Fortune’s production are highlighted on the website.

What makes a great Wheel of Fortune constant, you ask? Great!

The answer points to someone who has a variety of qualities. These include being laid back, fun, and strategic players that are quick on their feet and confident in their letter choice.

“It’s been our general observation through the years that contestants who play with energy, poise, focus, and a sense of humor (without forgetting to call smart letters) tend to do better on the show.”

They reveal that the last and final quality of a standout contestant includes a positive attitude. So perk up!

No Double Dipping!

Another frequently asked question comes from greedy players asking if they can be a contestant more than once.

No, Becky! Let the rest of us have a darn turn!

The Wheel of Fortune states it a little nicer, however.

“When we say that spinning the Wheel is a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” we mean it. Because so many people want to be on the show. You can only be a contestant once.”

Must be Eagle-Eyed for Other Game Shows

Similarly, a Jeopardy! contestant reveals that the players have to have great vision to succeed on that show. This is because, although the clue grows to the size of our TV screen, it stays the size of the tiny boxes on the Jeopardy! board.

Like we said, the power of production magic. You just never know until you know… or something like that.