‘Wheel of Fortune’ Asks Fans Who They’re Watching the Game Show With

by Halle Ames

Wheel of Fortune is one of those game shows that you can enjoy at any age and in the company of anyone. It’s iconic. 

Wheel of Fortune is the longest-running game show on television. With its first episode airing in January of 1975, it has also claimed the name as one of the most-watched television shows in the world. 

Since being a staple on TV for over 45 years, it is a generational show that our grandparents, parents, and us all enjoy. 

Who is Your Wheel Watching Buddy?

One contestant gives his family a shoutout for the memories his family created around the television while watching the show growing up.

“Michael Altneu is here from right here in Los Angeles,” introduces host Pat Sajak. “Do you want to say hi to your grandparents? Say hi to them!”

“I love them,” gushes Michael. “92 and 95, back in New Jersey, Albert and Miriam.” 

“Wow. And if you tell us they’ve been watching me since they were little kids, I’m really going to be troubled,” states Sajak. 

“I’ve been watching with them since I was a little kid,” explains the excited contestant.

“Good! Well, that’s good,” says the Wheel of Fortune host. “You’ve got to start young.”

In a recent post from the game show, Wheel of Fortune asks who your go-to watching partner is. 

“Who do you watch #WheelOfFortune with, Wheel Watchers?”

I personally like to watch the show with my dad, who continuously surprised me by solving each puzzle with like three letters on the board. Amazing. 

Many loyal Wheel Watchers responded to the game show’s question. One hilariously commented that they enjoy their own company.  

“Myself, because I don’t like other people blurting the answers out if they figure the puzzle out before me.” 

Another said that they grew up watching the show with their parents.

“The original Wheel watchers in my family is my parents. My father would film me during the holidays, and you can hear Pat in the background on most of the VHS tapes. It did rub off on me, though, because I was filmed asking Santa Clause for a WOF board game. No joke. My parents.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Gives Back

Just the other day, one Wheel of Fortune contestant donated all of his impressive earnings of $145,000 to charity. Scott Kollbrenner says that although he has been very fortunate throughout the pandemic, he knows others have not been. 

Kollbrenner told his wife prior to being on the show that he was just playing for fun since he is a lifelong viewer of the show. So the money was never a real pull for him. 

Look at that, Wheel Watchers supporting Wheel Watchers. We love to see the positivity!