‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Says the Show ‘Will Never Lose’ Vanna White

by Halle Ames

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak makes a terrible joke regarding Vanna White but reassures the audience that the show “will never lose” her. 

Vanna White is as much a staple on the Wheel of Fortune as the darn wheel itself. When you see the letter board, Vanna and her beautiful gowns are never far away. 

Pat Sajak April Fools

So, when Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak announced that Vanna was moving on from the show to bigger and better things, we weren’t the only ones taken off guard.

The Wheel of Fortune’s social media account posted the clip from the end of today’s episode. 

“Well, I know you have been reading about it, and we’re all very sad,” starts Sajak. “This is, of course, Vanna’s last day with the show. She’s joining the cast of “The Real Housewives of the San Fernando Valley.” 

Vanna White, who looks on in playful shock, begins to laugh at her co-star. 

“It’s April Fools Day. I had to come up with something!” says Sajak. 

“Thank goodness! Phew,” yells Vanna as she jokingly wipes her brow. 

Boy, what a terrible way to find out you got canned from the show you worked on for over nearly 39 years. 

“She should have checked the calendar. You okay?” 

“I’m okay.”

“Okay, good! She was getting nervous there. We’ll never lose her. We’ll see you next time, so long,” closes Sajak.  

Vanna White Through it All

Vanna White, however, isn’t going anywhere. She has been with the show through hell or high water, turning letters through every milestone along the way. 

She has been engaged a few times, married, had two children, and divorced, all while on the Wheel of Fortune. In fact, Vanna White even shows up for sick days. 

She once revealed in a 2014 interview with Big Island Now that the show must go on despite illness. 

“We have been sick, but the show must go on. I was nauseous, sick one time. I had a trash can behind the puzzle board,” Vanna White explained. 

Imagine our beauty queen hauling to get to the little garbage can. All the while, dolled up in her ballgown. 

Being the hard, dedicated worker she is, Vanna White has showed up work to turn letters with a broken arm. 

“Nobody knows that. I broke my arm the night we won our first Emmy! And I tripped afterwards and broke my arm…” she said. “I did the show but couldn’t use my right hand. Still, nobody knew!”

There is no way Wheel of Fortune could bear to part with her. The show may just not go on without Vanna White.