‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak’s Most Recent Tweet Is Getting Blasted

by Katie Maloney

Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak recently shared a post on Twitter and people aren’t having it.

Television icon, Pat Sajak came under fire recently after reportedly mocking a Wheel of Fortune contestant. During the episode, Pat introduced Chris Brimble. Chris introduced himself and seemed to have a slight lisp. At the end of the introduction, Pat said “I thee” instead of “I see.”

Although the show continued as usual, fans did not miss Pat’s remark and took to Twitter to voice their concerns. Immediately, Pat received backlash from viewers. Some even called for Pat to retire. Many fans took to the replies on Sajak’s most recent tweet to voice their thoughts.

In the post, Pat Sajak wrote, “How nice for those who have lived such exemplary lives that they can express glee when others have their lives ruined by a mistake, real or perceived.”


How Are People Responding to Pat Sajak’s Comments?

One commenter called out Pat for his mistake. They wrote, “Yes, you clearly made a mistake. You made fun of a man with a lisp without giving it a thought first. Sometimes it just takes a mistake to realize it is time to move on. I cannot watch #WheelOfFortune anymore because I’d rather not look at you. A public apology is in order.”

Another fan referred to “cancel culture” and supported Pat. The fan wrote, “If you’re referring to cancel culture, it’s a sick, twisted obsession people have. Trying to dig up one little statement they said and use it as a means to destroy their life. Those people are as sadistic as they come.”

Another user talked about forgiveness with accountability. They wrote, “Forgiveness doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. We can forgive murderers, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be in prison. We can forgive Pat Sajak, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t call out his bad behavior and expect better from him.”

One fan shared what they’ve learned having hearing impaired cousins. They wrote, “As someone your age, who grew up with hearing-impaired cousins, I was taught that we NEVER made fun of their speech pattern. To this day I wouldn’t even think of doing what you did so don’t get on your “exemplary” high horse about it. You were 100% wrong. Own it and DO BETTER!

Neither Pat Sajak nor Wheel of Fortune have officially released comments about the recent episode.