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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Music Legends James Brown and Little Richard Once Teamed Up to Compete on Show

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: David Redfern/ Getty Images)

Throwing it back to 1994, music legends James Brown and Little Richard teamed up on an episode of Wheel of Fortune.

The artists competed against “Weird Al” Yankovic and Lee Greenwood in May of 1994.

Musical ‘Wheel of Fortune’

While Little Richard would spin, his partner, James Brown, would holler out their guesses. After Little Richard spun for $200, James Brown held up his hand as if he were a salsa dancer and said, “we’ll take an ‘R.'” The two spun another $200, but after Little Richard’s hesitant guess of an “H,” they were left empty.

Again the rock and roll pair spun the notorious wheel, to which they landed on $200. With three letters left on the puzzle, Little Richard guessed “F.” Longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak informed him there are none.

Prior to the start of the next round, Sajak questioned the two men on their hometowns, asking if they were from “the same neck of the woods.”

“No, I’m from Augusta, really,” states James Brown. “I was born in Carolina. My family is going to have a fit, but I was raised in Augusta, but I was very fortunate. Little Richard came to a place I was living for a short while in Georgia, so I went back and told my manager, and he saw the dynamite group, and they called us up, and that’s how we became friends.”

The two friends cheer and hug one another. Little Richard adds something about taking care of his friend in his old age, as well.

Who James Brown and Little Richard Represented

The Celebrity Wheel of Fortune had each notable contestant donate their profits to a charity of their choice.

James Brown played for the Aiken County Community Action. According to their website, they “fight against poverty by mobilizing resources, providing opportunities, programmatic services, and advocating thereby empowering people to realize and sustain self-sufficiency and self-dignity.”

Furthermore, Little Richard represented the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

After a few more spins, the men guess a series of wrong letters. Finally, the artists land on $1,500. They speak for a second, and James Brown quietly states, “G”. There is one. Brown goes for a vowel next, and “I”. He is rewarded once again. After one more spin, James Brown solves the puzzle, which was “Blues singer Billie Holiday.”

The men cheer once again and laugh in excitement. James Brown collected $2,150 for Aiken County Community Action.