‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Explained the ‘Incredibly Boring’ Stuff He Does in Spare Time in 2013

by Clayton Edwards

Wheel of Fortune has been around for so long that it has become part of American TV culture. At this point, the game show is pretty much an American institution. Think about it. There are adults who are sharing the show with their children right now. They got could have gotten their love for the show from watching it with their grandparents. Some may have even watched it with their great-grandparents. The show’s audience is multigenerational. Anyone can tune in and have fun watching it because it’s good clean family-oriented fun. At the same time, Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been there for what seems like forever. They are just as much a part of the show as the Wheel or the game board.

It’s hard to imagine Wheel of Fortune without Pat Sajak and Vanna White, honestly. They’re the face as well as the heart of the show. However, they are both just regular folks at the end of the day. So, that leaves many fans curious about what goes on when they aren’t facilitating big wins for contestants who are lucky enough to spin the iconic Wheel.

Back in 2013, Par Sajak did an interview with Seth from Mass Appeal, who is part of a Springfield, Massachusetts NBC affiliate. They talked at length about the show. However, at one point, Sajak pulled back the curtain and let Seth know what he did in his downtime.

What Does Pat Sajak Do in His Downtime?

Earlier in the interview, Pat Sajak revealed that they shoot five or six shows a day. In fact, he said that they were doing four weeks’ worth of shows in five days. Then, he would be off work for almost two months. This led to Seth asking him, “So, when the lights go out and you go home and you have those few weeks off, what do you do?”

Pat Sajak began by saying, “It’s incredibly boring.” At that time, his children were just going off to college. However, Sajak said that before they left the house, most of his time off was filled with normal family activities. “We hung out, we did homework, we went to ballgames.”

Pat noted that there was one major difference between him and many other fathers. His schedule allowed him the luxury of spending more time with his kids than most dads. “When I was off, I was really off.” He said. Then, he jokingly added, “In fact, my family was anxious for me to leave the house again.”