‘The Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Made a Huge Mistake on Air: ‘I’m Not Sure Why I Did That’

by Katie Maloney

After hosting Wheel of Fortune for more than 39 years, Pat Sajak finally made a mistake.

During Friday night’s episode, Pat Sajak accidentally opened the grand prize card before he was supposed to. Usually, he opens the card revealing the grand prize at the end of the bonus round. But on Friday night, he opened it at the beginning of the round. As he looked at the card, Sajak realized his mistake and said, “Oh, I already looked at it. I’m not sure why I did that.” In true Pat Sajak form, he found a way to engage the audience with his mistake. He teased, “I know what she’s playing for, and you don’t….It must be Friday.”

The rest of the show went smoothly. And it wasn’t until the end credits were rolling that Pat and Vanna White talked about the mistake again. “I don’t think you’ve ever done that,” said Vanna to Pat.

“There’s a first time for every mistake,” said Sajak. “Even I’m not perfect. I know that’s shocking news,” he joked.

Well, after over 39 years of Wheel of Fortune success, we can look past this small mistake, Pat Sajak.

Pat Sajak make a mistake on Wheel Of Fortune.

Actress Jennie Garth Donates $168,000 After Winning Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune

Actress Jennie Garth competed against Karamo Brown and Patton Oswalt on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. The actress took home $168,000 for her charity of choice, the Central Illinois Foodbank. Both Garth and Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak are from Illinois.  

Adam Handy, partner resource coordinator for the organization said that receiving this big of a donation is “kind of a unicorn event for us.”

“It doesn’t come around too often, so we were really excited and blessed to receive the gift. Because an extra $168,600 really means a lot of food going out,” Handy said. “It really helps us continue the work we’re already doing.”

Handy said that Garth’s donation sets an example for everyone when it comes to supporting their communities.

“Whether you’re a celebrity or whether you’re one of our neighbors, it really goes to show that if everyone pays attention to hunger — because it’s a 365-day-a-year problem — we can really make a lot of progress in helping out our neighbors,” said Handy. “We were just really grateful that even a celebrity would have the giving nature that we hope to see in our neighbors that we walk by every day. Whether that’s giving us money or time, we’re just grateful that she chose to do one of those.”