‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Has Major Fan Moment with Show Contestant

by Keeli Parkey

After several decades as the host of “Wheel of Fortune,” Pat Sajak is able to recognize another talented host when he sees one. That’s just what happened on a recent episode of the popular game show.

According to a short video posted on the show’s Twitter page, while speaking to a contestant named Mark, Sajak learned that the young man also worked as a host. The contestant lives in Hermosa Beach, California.

Sajak opens their conversation asking Mark what type of announcing and hosting work he does. “Yeah, sports announcing. Live event host, really,” Mark says. “So, anything from a crowded sports stadium, interviewing fans, to one-on-one studio interviews. Anything you need a host for.”

The “Wheel of Fortune” host was also clearly impressed with contestant Mark. Sajak especially admired Mark’s voice.

“Yes, you have the voice I always wanted,” Sajak tells the contestant as the audience laughs. “I’m stuck with this one.”

It should come as no surprise that praise from “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak was happily received by contestant Mark.

“That means so much coming from you,” Mark says in response to Sajak’s comment. The young man also said a job hosting a show like “Wheel of Fortune” would be a joy.

“You have the job I always wanted,” Mark tells Sajak.

Sajak then makes a joke about his role as host on the show. “There you go,” he says. “You know, I’m not feeling all that well.”

Mark Earns Dramatic Victory on Game Show

The shared loved between Pat Sajak and contestant Mark wasn’t the only factor that made his appearance on the show memorable. Turns out, Mark would have one of the more dramatic wins in the history of the show’s final puzzle.

As things played out on his episode, it appeared that Mark had not given the answer “Moving Company” in time for him to receive the prizes attached with the final puzzle.

“To our ears, it was not a successful solve,” Pat Sajak tells Mark. “But, as we always do, we are going to take a little break and check things and make sure we have treated you fairly.”

After some suspenseful moments, the show decided to rule that Mark had solved the puzzle in time. This gave him a grand prize total of close to $59,000.

Fans of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Enjoy Contestant Mark’s Appearance on Game Show

There were a few fans of “Wheel of Fortune” who praised contestant Mark and Pat Sajak for their exchange on the game show. The fans shared their love by responding to the show’s tweeted exchange between the host and Mark.

“That was a fun ending! I love Pat’s quick wit as well!!” one fan shared.

“This guy is sharp! Quick!! A little slow on the final but Wheel came through!! Awesome decision!!” another posted.

“One of the best contestants,” was another post.

Another fan also shared this: “Nice job! I didn’t think he got it! But that’s why (you’re) the best game show on tv for giving it to him! Pat & Vanna rock!!”