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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak ‘Ratted’ on Vanna White For Faking One Part of Her Job on Show

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/ Getty Images)

You know what they say: fake it until you make it. But did you know that Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White was faking this? 

While Pat Sajak does the talking, Vanna White also plays a vital role in the popular game show. Vanna serves as the gorgeous letter turner and cheerleader for the contestants. During every spin, you can see her clapping along while the nervous contestant yells out a letter. 

However, Pat Sajak ratted on Vanna White during an interview in 2003 with LAVA 105.3 radio station. 

“I’m going to tell you something that not many people know, and I’m going to rat on her a little bit. But a lot of them are fake claps. She does this. Show them.”

The two act out the fake claps, but boy, do they look convincing to us. But Vanna White must stop the clapping motion right before her hand’s touch because the Wheel of Fortune cover girl is silent in the act. 

“That’s a clap? That’s not a clap,” states Sajak. 

Vanna White smiles brightly as she begins to applaud loudly. “That’s a clap.”

Once again, Pat mimics Vanna, saying, “She doesn’t do that. She’s like…” He opens his mouth in a bright, happy smile and does the fake, soundless clap. 

The game show power duo begins to laugh. Vanna explains why she does the fake cheer.

“See, I have to keep my hands soft,” White notes as she rubs her hands together.  

“Otherwise, you know, she would have no fingers left,” jokes Sajak. 

Vanna White is Awarded For Her Enthusiasm

In fact, Vanna White is clapping royalty. With more than four decades of hostessing under her belt, your forearms get in quite a workout.

According to an article on Radio.com, both Sajak and White have been awarded a spot in the Guinness World Records thanks to their years of work on Wheel of Fortune.

While Sajak’s record is for being the longest person to host the same game show, Vanna’s is more for her cheering ability. 

According to the article, White has been given the Guinness World Record award of “Television’s Most Frequent Clapper.” 

She received this prestigious award in May 2014. At that time, she was averaging 600-plus claps during every episode of Wheel of Fortune. This average worked out to a total of more than 3.7 million claps at the time of the award.

Can you imagine being the person that had to sit there and count how many times Vanna White claps? Someone’s gotta do it (I guess). We are just happy it isn’t us.