‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Reveals He’s Watched Every Episode of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ Insane Amount of Times

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Mike Pont/Getty Images

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is a huge fan of “The Andy Griffith Show” and loves rewatching the show. In fact, he’s seen every episode an insane number of times.

How many times? Sajak said he’s seen every episode over 50 times. The game show host must watch a lot of Mayberry re-runs in his free time for sure. Sajak is a fan of Sheriff Andy Taylor and his deputy Barney Fife’s adventures on the small screen.

On Twitter, Sajak wrote, “To the best of my knowledge, I’ve hosted “Wheel of Fortune” longer than anyone has hosted any national program in the history of American TV. I’ve also collected a 14-feet-in-diameter ball of aluminum foil. And seen every episode of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ over 50 times.”


That’s definitely a lot of Andy Griffith. The show ran for a total of eight seasons and 249 episodes. That’s not counting the various spinoffs as well. No word on if Sajak prefers the black and white or colorized episodes of the show or perhaps both. The show followed the exploits of a small-town sheriff as he tried to raise his son on his own. Mayberry employed a cast of colorful characters. Airing during the 1960s, the show continues to air in syndication and re-runs until this day.

Pat Sajak on ‘Wheel of Forutne’

But Sajak is also the host of a long-running show himself. In fact, “Wheel of Fortune” has over 7,000 episodes in syndication and shows no sign of stopping. Sajak is quite correct in the fact he holds the record for longest-running game show host of a national program.

According to Good House Keeping, Sajak holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the title. It’s a role that Sajak shows no signs of stopping just yet. The game show host is signed up until 2022. Audiences can’t get enough of Sajak and his show. Although his blend of humor and sarcasm can also get him into trouble from time to time.

Sajak has hosted the show alongside hostess Vanna White for decades. Their partnership has been fruitful for both of them, making the show a rousing success. Where other game shows have faltered and failed, “Wheel of Fortune” has remained a constant on people’s television screens since the 1980s. But can you guess the first letter Vanna White ever turned on the show?