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‘Wheel of Fortune’: What Did Pat Sajak Think of Vanna White’s Performance When She Filled in as Host?

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: David Livingston/ Getty Images)

How did Pat Sajak think Vanna White did as host of Wheel of Fortune after he was out with medical issues?

In a 2019 article from Entertainment Tonight, Pat Sajak reveals his thoughts on his co-host’s performance as host.

Pat Sajak’s Medical Emergency

In 2019, Sajak was rushed into surgery after suffering from a blocked intestine. He said that while he was on a walk with his family, including his two children, now 26-year-old Maggie and 30-year-old Patrick, along with his wife Lesly, he began to feel an “excruciating pain.”

Pat Sajak explained that after a few hours, doctors already had him in surgery.

My daughter Maggie and I, we took a walk in the morning as we traditionally do early. And I came home ready to get ready to go to work. Suddenly, I had this horrific pain in my stomach. And obviously didn’t know what it [was], but within two and a half hours, I was in surgery,” he recalled. “I mean, it was that quick and that intense…You couldn’t do anything. I was in the fetal position, lying on the bed.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Women Takeover

However, rain or shine… or surgery, the show must go on. Vanna White stepped up to take Sajak’s job as the primary host, while Maggie Sajak took Vanna’s job. The women duo did a fantastic job, and Wheel of Fortune was running like business as usual.

“In nearly 40 years, I’ve never missed a taping, so it was very strange. It felt really bizarre to know that that stuff was going on without me. And going on well without me. That really was troubling,” Pat Sajak joked.

Furthermore, Sajak applauded his longtime partner in crime for her performance. He said that despite her nerves, she “was a team player.”

“What a trooper,” said now 73-year-old Pat Sajak. “And I’m not being condescending in any way ’cause it would’ve been well within her rights to say, ‘Wait a minute, this is not what you’re paying me for, and this is not what I do and I’d rather not.’ But she’s a team player,” he said. “And she was very nervous and not comfortable… She did a great job.”

“People Who are Jerks”

Despite her shining performance, Pat Sajak had some words of advice for Vanna White.

“First thing I said to her, I said, ‘Do not go on social media. Because there are going to be people who are jerks, they’re going to say nasty things because they can. Because they can communicate with you directly, they can be anonymous,'” explains Sajak. “I don’t understand why people have to be so nasty. She’s out there doing her best. She didn’t ask to be put in that position.”

Maggie Sajak also did a great job as Vanna White 2.0 and could have a real shot at the position after White and Sajak’s contracts are up in 2022.