‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Once Had Hilarious Reaction to Being Approached by Lucille Ball

by Halle Ames

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak once revealed how exciting it was when Hollywood royalty like Lucille Ball even recognized him.

However, Pat Sajak isn’t just some Joe Shmoe off the street. The beloved Wheel of Fortune fortune host has been working on the popular game show for nearly 40 years. How could anyone not recognize him?

On the other hand, Lucille Ball was Hollywood’s sweetheart. Born in 1911, Ball left high school at 15 to enroll in drama school in New York City. Lucille Ball began working as a model and landed her first job on the big screen in 1933 for Roman Scandals. You heard that correctly, 1933.

That really shot her to fame was her six-year stint as the star of the top-rated show, I Love Lucy. I Love Lucy dominated television from October of 1951 until 1956. However, in 1957 the show took on the name The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show, but the program only aired for another year, ending in 1958.

Lucille somehow even outshines Sajak.

Pat Sajak Was Starstruck With Lucille Ball

In an interview in 2012 with ESPN, Pat Sajak explains the encounter with the star.

“I was at an event, and before I go in, I see a limo pull up, and Lucille Ball gets out– of I Love Lucy. And again, all by herself, and she gets out, and it turns out she had an interest in astronomy. I didn’t talk to her. I just saw her get in the crowd.”

That wasn’t the last time Pat Sajak would see Ball that night. She later approached him and praised his humor on Wheel of Fortune.

“So, I’m sitting down, and I’m watching the show, and there’s a tap on my shoulder, and I turn around, and it’s Lucille Ball. She says, ‘You know what I like about you?’ ‘What?’ ‘You’re not just funny. You think funny.’ And I go, ‘Just kill me now.'”

Funny enough, Pat Sajak continues, saying that his Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White smells similar to Lucille Ball. Check out the hilarious interview above.