‘Wheel of Fortune’: Regis Philbin-Themed Puzzle Once Made Three Military Members Hilariously Fail Solving It

by Halle Ames

Watch this throwback video of three military members struggle with this Wheel of Fortune puzzle involving a legend. Could you solve the puzzle faster?

On a 2010 episode of Wheel of Fortune, three military men joined the stage of the popular game show. While they all looked very sharp in their respective uniforms, the men struggled a bit to answer this puzzle.

The Struggle is Real

The clue for the round was Proper Nouns.

“REG _ S _ _ _ L _ _ N & _ ELL _ R _ _ _.”

Wheel of Fortune contestant Shane spun for $500. He yelled out “P” and was rewarded with two.

“I’d like to solve the puzzle, please,” Shane told Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak. “Regis Philburn and Kelly Ripa.”

“No, I’m sorry,” said Sajak quietly. “We can’t accept that, and Lee, it’s your turn.”

Lee spun for $400 and requested a “Y.” There was one on the board. After another spin, he landed on the Bankrupt slot and lost his $400. The sad little “I just robbed you” tune played, and Lee laughed and dropped his head.

Next, George, who has $900, bought a vowel. He first bought an “I” to which there were four of. And after he purchased an “A” as a vowel. There was one. Pat Sajak informed George that there were no more vowels.

The current board looked like this. “REGIS P _ IL _ IN & _ ELLY RIPA.”

“I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat! Regis Philman and Kelly Ripa.”

“Well, what do you think,” Pat Sajak asked a producer off stage, “That’s right. You know it’s good to have it, and he’s shaking his head no. Now, Shane, you have $3,850. You want to take another shot at it?”

“I’d like to solve the puzzle, please,” the next contestant Shane said. “Regis Philman and Kelly Ripa.”

Again, the contestant was turned down for their pronunciation of PhilBIN’s name.

Wheel of Un- Fortune

Lee decided not to test his luck and spun the wheel again. He first landed on $500 and asked for an “H.” There was one “H” on the board. Next, he spun for $600 and yelled out for a “B.” There was also one. With only one letter not on the board, Lee landed on $450 and guessed a “K.” The puzzle was now completely solved, but the issue for the men was pronouncing the name.

With a jackpot of $10,850, Lee said, “Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripe-a.”

Pat Sajak looked disappointed and turned him away for the pronunciation. George felt more confident this time around and tried to solve the puzzle.

He was FINALLY successful in his answer.

“Well, we had a Philbrin. We had a Philman. We had a Ripea, and you guys think you are so hot in the morning. Why do I have a feeling this is going to be played a lot,” Sajak said.

Pat Sajak isn’t wrong. Here we are, eleven years later, still laughing about this Wheel of Fortune blunder!