‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White Speaks Out on the Only Argument She’s Ever Had with Pat Sajak

by Halle Ames

When your job requirement primarily asks you to walk around in a beautiful gown and press screens, it’s hard to get into arguments about it. However, Vanna White speaks out about the only dispute she’s had with Pat Sajak.

Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White recently revealed that the only argument she got into with the show’s host, Pat Sajak, was before an interview for The Drew Barrymore Show. Although the two aren’t married, they have worked together on Wheel of Fortune since 1982, and White refers to Sajak as her “work husband.”

“We’ve been together all these years. We’ve never had one argument — OK, we had one.”

You would think that the argument would have to be pretty substantial if Vanna White held onto it all these years, although that is not the case. The disagreement stemmed from differing opinions on hot dog condiments.

“It was over putting ketchup on a hot dog,” she said, then asking Barrymore, “Do you put ketchup on your hot dog?” Drew Barrymore replied that she prefers mustard, to which White responded, “OK, all right. Well, anyway, that’s what he said. ‘You do not put ketchup on your hot dog!'”

Vanna White the Fashionista

In addition, when revealing interesting bits of information, Vanna White said in another interview that she almost never wears the same dress twice.

“Well, the way that happens is the designers send the clothes to the studio, I wear them, and they go back,” she said. “They don’t go to my closet. They go back to the designer.”

Geez, where can we sign up for this kind of deal?

White admits that she has “worn over 7,000 outfits” however “never the same one,” only if you discount one time.

“I don’t know how it got lost in the shuffle because we take a picture of every dress, and we have a list of everything,” she said. “I don’t know if the description was different than the other description, but it was the exact same dress.”

The 63-year-old Wheel of Fortune star says it wasn’t her team that caught the mixup but an eagle-eyed fan.

“Somebody who was watching very closely picked it up,” Vanna White said.

The Show Must Go On

Not only has White strutted around in beautiful gowns, but she has taken her turn behind the mic as host. In 2019, Pat Sajak was rushed into emergency surgery, and White was pulled up to the big leagues. She explains that the only thing going through her head was panic.

“P-A-N-I-C. Panic is the word that comes to mind!” she revealed. “Our executive producer came up to me and said, ‘Hey, Pat has to go into emergency surgery right now. How would you feel about hosting the show?’ Panic set it at that moment, but I made a quick decision and realized the show must go on.”

Wheel of Fortune has been airing since 1975. In September of 2020, the season celebrated its 38th season. It also named Sajak as the longest-running host of any game show, surpassing Bob Barker on The Price is Right.