‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Addressed Fame from Show, Doesn’t Have to Deal with ‘Movie Star’ Fandom

by Thad Mitchell

Hit game “Wheel of Fortune” has made Vanna White a household name with millions of fans and adorers across the country.

White, now the 64-year-old is a comforting presence on a sometimes intense show that gives the audience reasons to cheer. Thanks to her vibrant personality, stunning good looks and extravagant dresses, White is a television icon. Seeing her stroll across the puzzle board to reveal a correct letter provides watchers with that soothing feeling you can only get from recognizable faces and actions. The South Carolina native and former pageant contestant has those qualities in spades.

White has been the iconic role of “letter revealer” for nearly 40 years, taking the job all the way back in 1982. Once upon a time, however, Vanna had visions of becoming a Hollywood leading lady before landing with “Wheel of Fortune.” After attending The Atlanta School of Fashion and Design and working as a model, White packed up her bag. She took off to Los Angeles, California, with the intention of becoming a movie star. It didn’t quite work out that way, but in a 2009 interview with the Las Vegas Sun, she says he is happy with her career choices.

In the interview, White talks about how she avoids the pressure that comes along with being a Hollywood star.

“I think we’re given our space,” White says. “I don’t feel pursued like a movie star would, like a Lindsay Lohan does.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Days Familiarity is Key to Success

The “Wheel of Fortune” star goes on to describe the show’s mass appeal and how it keeps people tuning in each night. White says much of the show’s appeal comes from its consistency and familiarity.

“People just like knowing we’re there at the same time every night,” she explains. “It’s something you can plan for. Even if you’re not watching every single night, it’s reassuring we’re there — it’s reassuring to me, at least.”

Before appearing on “Wheel of Fortune,” White competed in various pageants including as a contestant in “Miss Georgia USA” in 1978.

Believe it or not, White’s first game show appearance was not on “Wheel of Fortune.” In 1980, she appears on another popular game show, “The Price is Right” as a contestant. Despite her best efforts, she did not make it on stage from “contestant’s row.” While it was a disappointment, it’s safe to say things have worked out well for Vanna White.