‘Wheel of Fortune’: What is Vanna White’s Net Worth?

by Halle Ames

Don’t be fooled. Wheel of Fortune‘s cover girl, Vanna White, gets paid the big bucks to wear beautiful ballgowns and touch tiles.

How much does Vanna White make? The answer may surprise you.

The popular game show, Wheel of Fortune pays Vanna White $10 million a year. Yes, you read that correctly.

In addition, her net worth may be even more shocking. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Vanna White has nearly $70 million to her name.

I’ll make you an offer, Wheel of Fortune. I will do Vanna’s job (maybe not as well) for HALF of what you are currently paying her. Just think it over and get back to me.

However, Vanna White has done much more in her 64-years than just work for the game show. White has also worked as an actress and is a model.

Her sizable net worth has grown due to a divorce from her first husband, George Santo Pietro, a successful real estate developer and entrepreneur. The couple has two children together, 24-year old Gigi, who is as stunning as her mother, and 26-year-old Nikko. We might add that he is also easy on the eyes.

In total, Vanna White outranks her co-host, Pat Sajak, just slightly, although his salary is $5 million more a year.

The website also notes that The Wheel of Fortune films for six shows a day, indicating that both Vanna White and Pat Sajak work only four days a month on set.

Vanna White’s Career Before Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White didn’t always have it as easy as strutting around in gorgeous dresses and pressing tiles. After she attended the Atlanta School of Fashion and Design, she was a contestant in the 1978 Miss Georgia USA pageant.

The following year she packed up her bag and headed to the Golden State of California to pursue a career in acting. She landed a small role in the 1981 film Looker and the horror movie Graduation Day. White has also appeared in TV shows like Just Shoot Me, Married With Children, The King of Queens, and The A-Team.

In October of 1982, Vanna White found herself on set of The Wheel of Fortune as one of three substitute hostesses. It only took Vanna two months to secure the go-to hostess position, beating out more than 200 women for the coveted job.

She is beloved by fan and contestants alike and even signed a contract with the show spanning until 2022.