‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch College Contestant Lose on Unfortunate Technicality after Mispronouncing ‘Achilles’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Wheel of Fortune can be a great experience for some contestants. They can walk away from the wheel with thousands of dollars. Some have even won entire new homes from the game show. However, not all contestants get that lucky. In fact, most who step up to the wheel walk away without taking home the big prize. One college contestant was well on his way to a pocket full of cash when an unfortunate mispronunciation cost him the puzzle and knocked his total back down to just $2000.

The category was “Character,” and the answer to the puzzle was “Mythological hero Achilles,” and the Wheel of Fortune contestant almost had it. In fact, he spun the wheel and guessed all of the letters correctly. This strategy allowed him to stack plenty of money in his personal bank. One lucky spin even earned him one million dollars. That would have made the trip to London he picked up even better. However, when it came time to solve the puzzle things really fell apart for him. I guess you could say that pronunciations of mythological names were his Achilles heel. Check out the video below.

To be completely fair to this unfortunate Wheel of Fortune contestant, he pronounced it phonetically. However, that was far from correct. He pronounced it like “Ay-chill-is.” Close, but no million-dollar prize and international trip. However, he can take solace in the fact that he is not the first contestant to lose on the same technicality.

The contestant beside him was able to solve and pick up the Wheel of Fortune “house minimum” of $1000.

More Disappointment For The Wheel of Fortune Contestant

This wasn’t the last time it happened in the episode, either. If you watch further in the video, the same contestant picked up a new car from the Wheel of Fortune. However, when he failed to solve the puzzle correctly, his neighbor snagged another thousand-dollar prize by getting it right. That time, the category was “People,” and the answer was “The world’s fastest man.” He had all but the two consonants in “man.”

The Wheel of Fortune contestant was working the same angle as before. He would spin, collect winnings from the Wheel, and guess a letter. However, it seemed that winning the car threw him off of his game. His final guess before taking another L was “C.” It seems like he was going for “The world’s fastest car.” That mistake cost him over $13,000 and a new car.

The Wheel giveth and the Wheel taketh away.