‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Solve Puzzle Before Timer Even Starts

by Clayton Edwards

Sometimes, you just know things. For instance, some days you wake up and just know it’s going to be a good day. On the other hand, you can know that a tough situation coming. One Wheel of Fortune contestant somehow knew the answer to his Bonus Round puzzle before the timer even started.

In fact, he may have already known the answer before Vanna even flipped the letters he picked for the puzzle. Talk about your lucky breaks.

The real difference here is that when you know it’s going to be a good day, you start with a positive outlook. Adam, on the other hand, knew the answer to a Wheel of Fortune puzzle that netted him $38,000.

It seems that Pat Sajak knew that Adam was in for a big payday as soon as Vanna flipped the letters on the board. “You’re grinning,” the host said, “The timer hasn’t even started and you’re grinning.” The excitement was clear on the Wheel of Fortune contestant’s face. After seeing the letters on the board, he knew he had the bonus round in the bag. That knowledge led to a hefty payday.

The most impressive part about this Wheel of Fortune win is that Adam didn’t even guess all the correct letters. He chose the consonants D, H, and G. Then, went with O as his vowel choice. The answer to the puzzle was “Complex choreography.” There’s no D in that.

He either didn’t know what it was before guessing the letters or was so excited that he chose D instead of C by mistake. After all, there was a lot riding on the puzzle.

Wheel of Fortune’s Bonus Round Means Big Prizes

Adam is far from the only one to take home a huge prize from Wheel of Fortune’s Bonus Round in recent weeks. In fact, one recent contestant won a house after she solved her Bonus Round Puzzle.

The Wheel of Fortune contestant, whose name is Laura, had the chance to win three life-changing prizes. The house, a car, and $100,000 were up for grabs when she took her shot at the Bonus Round. Watching her win was amazing. However, what came next may have been the best part.

While standing behind the Big Wheel, Laura pulled out her cellphone and called her husband to pass on the good news. Wheel of Fortune shared a video of her delivering the news on their Twitter feed. Go check it out and see just one more reason why Wheel is America’s Game.