‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Pat Sajak Hilariously Land on Bankrupt Three Times In a Row

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to wins and losses on hit game show Wheel of Fortune a contestant’s fate falls on a large spinning wheel.

Wheel of Fortune contestants know they need a little luck and a little help from the wheel in order to win prize money. A run of good luck with the wheel can land a player in the winner’s circle for a chance at big bucks. A run of bad luck with the wheel means the contestant is likely going home with nothing. No matter how much skill a Wheel of Fortune player may have, it is meaningless if the great wheel doesn’t cooperate. Time and time again, Wheel of Fortune watchers have seen talented contestants leave empty-handed due to the turn of the wheel.

The worst thing that can happen to a contestant on Wheel of Fortune is for the wheel to land on “bankrupt” during their spin. Landing on the bankrupt panel causes the player to lose all of their money they accumulated in the round. Landing on bankrupt also causes the contestant to lose their turn and move to the next contestant as well. No one is immune to landing on bankrupt as fans of the show have seen large sums of money wiped out by the dreaded bankrupt. But, there is one person who can land on bankrupt without penalty and that is Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak.

As you will see in the following clip, Sajak gets an unlimited amount of do-overs if he hits bankrupt. Watch what happens when the host lands on bankrupt three times in a role.

Wheel of Fortune Wheel Unkind to Pat Sajak

As time runs out on the match, the Wheel of Fortune bell rings, notifying the contestants that time is almost up. As is customary in this situation, Sajak will give the wheel a final spin to see how much cash contestants will get for guessing a correct letter.

“Not much time remaining,” Sajak tells the players. “That sound means time is running a little short, so I will give the wheel a final spin.”

The longtime Wheel of Fortune host then proceeds to land on bankrupt on three straight attempts. The live audience finds Sajak’s poor luck to be hilarious with roaring laughter. He is forced to silence them in a humorous manner before his last spin. To his credit, and the excitement of the contestants, his final attempt lands on the $5,000 panel.

You aren’t likely to ever see this happen again, as it is typically edited out if Sajak lands on bankrupt during his final spin.