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‘Wheel of Fortune’: One 2013 Contestant Hilariously Butchered Johnny Cash Song Title Trying to Solve Puzzle

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by: Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

A Wheel of Fortune contestant was so wrong once that someone made a song about it. It’s one of the most infamous Wheel of Fortune fails of all time.

In fairness, the player Natasha was in a bind. The board was filling up, and there was little chance it would make it back to her for a second guess. So with a belly full of unearned confidence, she told host Pat Sajak she was ready to solve the puzzle.

“I Have The Wine by Johnny Cash,” she yelled. I believe it’s on the same album as “A Boy Named Lou,” “(I Fell Into a) String of Wire,” and “Folsom Prism Shoes.”

To be fair, perhaps she’s not a big country fan. But I Walk the Line was the name of the biopic of Cash’s life. Reese Witherspoon won an Oscar for playing June Carter Cash in the film. The song is one of his most famous.

Natasha lost the nearly $10,000 with that wrong answer. But hopefully she had fun playing the game.

Someone even made a parody song that reimagines “I Walk the Line” as if it were about having a bottle of wine on you at all times.

A Naked Streetcar on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

There have been some incredible solves on Wheel of Fortune. Contestants that have guessed entire puzzles off of a single letter. But, the show’s also had its fair share of really bad answers too.

For instance in 2017, a contestant named Kevin Haas whiffed at a puzzle that was missing only one letter.

After correctly guessing two letters, Haas could have solved the puzzle there, but he spun the wheel again when the board read “A Streetcar Na_ed Desire.” After giving it some thought, Kevin came to the correct conclusion that only two letters could work here. His answer? “K,” of course.

A Streetcar Naked Desire.” Ah, yes, a streetcar full of naked desire.

When the audience lets out a sigh after you call out a letter, you know you’re going to live forever on the internet. One of Kevin’s fellow contestants even tried to stifle a laugh.

You can watch it here.

Hass took it all in stride and said he looks back on his time on Wheel of Fortune as a good thing. He said he learned a lot about himself and Tennessee Williams after that.

“Yes, it has taught me the correct title of that famous 1947 Broadway play,” he told Time. “I am happy I brought so many smiles to you all, and so I will smile with you and look back onto this moment and join you in the laughs,” Kevin continued. “That my friends, is the naked truth.”