‘Wheel of Fortune’: Check Out All the Dresses Vanna White Wore This Past Week

by Quentin Blount

Have you ever wanted a sneak peek, behind-the-scenes tour of Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White’s wardrobe? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

If you have ever owned a television at any point in the last five decades, there’s a good chance you have watched, or at least heard of, Wheel of Fortune. After all, the show has been airing for more than 45 years and is a staple in many American households. If so, you probably know who Vanna White is. She is the glamorous hostess and letter-turner on the popular TV game show.

White is the blonde beauty that has been lighting up the letters on stage next to Pat Sajak since 1982. And while doing so, she is always looking fabulous in a new dress. In fact, Wheel of Fortune let fans in for a treat when they showed side-by-side photos of the 64-year-old’s dresses from this past week on the show. The official Wheel of Fortune Instagram account also asks fans to chime in with which dress was their favorite.

“Which of @officialvannawhite’s elegant looks did you like best this week? 👗”

As you can see for yourself, Vanna White is an angel walking among us. The Wheel of Fortune star seemingly went through a black phase this past week. Four out of the five dresses she wore on the show were completely black or the majority of the dress was black.

Fans also voted for which dress they like the best.

“Love anything Vanna wears,” one fan commented. “But I really liked the black dress with the bottom lace she wore on Friday’s show.”

Vanna White Does Not Get to Keep Her Dresses from ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Being involved with the iconic game show since 1982, Vanna White has appeared in more than 7,000 episodes of Wheel of Fortune. And she told Fox News back in 2016 that the dresses are not hers to keep and that she never wears her dresses twice. She says that once they are done filming an episode the dresses “have to go back to the designer.” However, she added that she “certainly enjoys wearing them.”

The Wheel of Fortune star picks out her dresses for each episode with a little bit of help. Costumer Kathi Nishimoto is the woman that White turns to when it comes to looking fabulous. According to Nishimoto, various designers send the show 50 to 60 dresses every few weeks. From there, they pick out their favorites for White to wear on stage.

“The biggest challenge was to just get her to [be vocal about dresses she doesn’t like],” Nishimoto told People Magazine. “Because she is so nice, she doesn’t want to say no to anybody.”